January 26, 2021

Adas Liubancas: Why USB-C is a revolution in the monitor market?

“USB-C monitors are an inevitable solution for the future of businesses“, says Adas Liubancas, Lenovo’s sales manager for business equipment in the Baltics.

According to him, by replacing old monitors with the new generation Lenovo P24 / 27h, customers not only get QHD resolution, they immediately create more space in the workplace, because they no longer need a docking station. USB-C cable is used for everything, it transfers video, data, charges computer and performs all other docking functions.

The new generation Lenovo monitors has four USB ports that allow you to connect all your peripherals: whether it would be headphones or other devices, also it has built-in speakers and a LAN connection.

If in the workplace is used more than one monitor, the new Lenovo monitors allow you to connect up to four screens using Daisy Chain.

Lenovo P27h-20

Lenovo P24/27h

*Quad HD 2560*1440 resolution matte IPS matrix.

* Frameless design, 14 cm adjustable monitor height

*LAN (internet) and 3.5mm audio connectors, speakers, 4 pcs. additional usb peripherals

Prices: P24 -219 EUR, P27 – tik 299 EUR.

Offer valid for business customers only.

For our clients we sell only the best products. Lenovo is the first choice of customers worldwide. In 2019, nearly 65 million computers had already been sold. More than 16 million (25.1%) – Lenovo.

Ervin Rizgelis , BTT Cloud Head of sales Project

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