July 23, 2018

Aren’t you using Office 365 yet? 5 benefits to help you decide

As technology evolves, it inevitably enters all areas of our lives – not only facilitates daily communication, movement, but also work. A few years ago, the Office 365 Productivity Toolkit delivered by Microsoft has helped hundreds of thousands of employees work day-to-day in a much easier and more efficient manner. A broad set of applications provide even the most sophisticated users with tools that meet their needs.

Why do so many people use this package? We believe that it is due to the advantages of the solution, which currently aren’t offered by any other supplier in the market. Get to know the features of Office 365:

Mobility. The Office 365 service offers the ability to move freely – employees can work not only in the office but from anywhere in the world where they have an Internet connection. Simultaneously, they can use the same tools as in an office. This is an important aspect for the business sectors, which seek to ensure uninterrupted communication with both customers and among company employees.

Cloud computing. When you upgrade to Office 365, you can safely transfer your data from the server to the cloud and save money. The maintenance of a physical server requires not only the knowledge and time of an employee with a background in information technology but also a significant sum on monthly electricity expenses. With Office 365, these costs go down several times – you no longer have to pay for the electricity power to maintain server support, and this platform does not require IT education, it’s easy to administer.

Flexibility. No less important is the fact that Office 365 gives flexibility to the company –  you pay only for the licenses you use. If an employee decides to look for new career opportunities, you can opt-out on the same day. It is also useful to know that you can change your plans at any time – if you started using the Business Essentials plan that did not include the Office desktop applications at the beginning, you can switch it to Business Premium and use the full Office suite of applications.

Simple data storage. With Office 365, you will no longer need to allow additional money for data storage – with this service, every user gets a 1 TB of storage (!) at OneDrive for Business.

Time is spent more efficiently. Traveling to and from the meetings usually take a long time, and if the meeting is taking place in another city, it can even take half of a workday. With the Microsoft Teams application, you will have the opportunity to interact with others while chatting online, video and audio conferencing, and also store all the information in one environment. That saves time significantly so you are able to reach even higher results at work!

The Office 365 package is paid on the monthly subscription basis on the number of users the company has. That means that with a minimal investment you will kill a few birds with one stone: the use of basic office applications, employee mobility, simple document sharing, data storage and restoration, and smooth communication inside the team and outside of it.

Meet Office 365 Plans:

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