June 22, 2023

At Skaylink’s “Friday Academy” — The Spotlight is on Project Specialists

Being a “Reliable technology partner for business and the public sector” is not just a catchy slogan; it’s a testament to years of consistent, dedicated work. That’s precisely why Skaylink places great emphasis on ongoing competency development, team training, and improvement. One such initiative is the “Friday Academy”, a week-capping event where employees learn from each other and share best practices.

This time around, Skaylink engineer Arminas Tališauskas shared his insights with colleagues about the most common projects, their requirements, tools that simplify processes, and shared examples that illustrate everyday engineering work.

Lately, one of the most frequent projects for engineers is O365 migration. Transferring a company’s email to a more user-friendly O365 environment requires a lot of diligence and responsibility. After all, even one in a hundred wrongly transferred mailboxes can disrupt the whole company’s workflow. Here, Arminas reminded engineers of the most critical steps in the migration process, conveniently marked on a specially prepared checklist, and how responsibility should be properly divided among project managers and system administrators. He also emphasized the necessity of backups in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Engineers are also responsible for conveying information about the current state of a client’s IT infrastructure to colleagues conducting audits. Such information is often collected not only from companies in Lithuania but also those based in other countries, so it is crucial to professionally collect information remotely. For example, knowing about such access allows engineers to perform an audit for a German company from Vilnius, almost as effectively as if they were physically present.

Arminas stressed that audit projects provide some of the most significant experiential learning and teach how to handle unforeseen challenges. From processors, monitors, laptops, and phones to servers and tangled cables — nothing escapes notice here. He reminded his colleagues at the “Friday Academy” that it’s crucial to document everything with photos, strictly follow the steps mentioned in the checklists, and a handy app comes to the rescue when drawing network schemes. A colleague seconded him, noting that engineers often face not only disorganized workplaces but also conditions that do not meet safety requirements, so it is crucial to be careful during audits.

Similar steps should be followed when implementing other projects: PC migration, network equipment switching or checking, company relocation or installation in other premises, and arranging a patch panel. The most common headache for engineers in the latter project is properly untangling the cable jungle in the company’s server, and such projects are often implemented in just one weekend – to avoid disrupting company operations. By sharing “before” and “after” examples from Skaylink specialists’ workdays, Arminas reminded us that with the right cable length, clever use of the patch panel walls, and professionally marked cables, any ugly duckling can become a swan.

Skaylink’s “Friday Academy” takes place at least once a month. The Team selects the topics, and practical experience is shared exclusively among Skaylink LT employees. This is the only way to grow at work.