August 20, 2021

BTT Cloud and US Cloud giant “CloudCheckr” have agreed on a strategic partnership in the Baltics

First to market making life easier for AWS, Azure and GCP users in the Baltic states – BTT Cloud announces strategic partnership with “CloudCheckr”

Good news for all users of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud services. BTT Cloud and US Cloud platform management giant CloudCheckr have agreed on a strategic partnership in the Baltics.

CloudCheckr is the absolute leader in independent cloud platform management solutions.

“As part of the partnership, we plan not only to introduce new services to the Baltics, but also to provide our customers with better, more timely insights on how to further automate and optimize their existing Cloud infrastructure,” said Vytenis Sakalas, BTT Cloud Sales Manager who has grown a strong Cloud services division.

CloudCheckr customers around the globe truly appreciate a significant reduction of manual work, human error and a decrease in assumptive day-to-day management of the Cloud infrastructure and platforms. This enables dynamic operations.

We have been providing daily services to customers for more than a decade and this is because of  the trinity of customer benefits that guides us:

– Reduced customer costs # SpendLess

– Higher business efficiency # EarnMore

– Increased security and compliance #SleepTight.

“Business decision-makers, regardless of the specifics, need to see clear benefits from planned investments in their IT, whether it’s acquiring new IT equipment, migrating to the Cloud, hiring a new IT staff, or acquiring managed services. We believe that apart from the named trinity of customer benefits, there are no other objective benefits or reasons why our customer managers should decide to invest in IT or approve additional IT costs, ”says Vytenis Sakalas.

As CloudCheckr is the world’s only independent solution for managing large cloud platforms that focuses on proactive recommendations to reduce Cloud costs, how to optimize Cloud infrastructure and speed, increase security and compliance, strategic partnership with CloudCheckr is an obvious choice for BTT Cloud. This will strengthen their strategic direction – to become a leader in managed Cloud services in the Baltic States and the Nordic region.

From now on, our technology portfolio will provide more opportunities for businesses using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud platforms.

Optimized Cloud platform costs

Increased Cloud Platform Speed

Increased security and compliance of the chosen Cloud platform.

The good news for those who have their own internal IT teams and do not require managed services from outside the company – BTT Cloud, as an official CloudCheckr partner, provides access to CloudCheckr services and the client company’s own IT teams.

In other words, from now on, all AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud users, whether they use BTT Cloud-managed services or not, will be able to receive the CloudCheckr product as a service (SaaS) from BTT Cloud.

“With CloudCheckr, we will be able to provide our Cloud and DevOps customers even more accurate and faster insights as well as a more harmonized (Well Architectured) Cloud platform, regardless if the customer prefers AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud,” says Vytenis.

You can contact BTT Cloud specialists today to learn about the opportunities that the CloudCheckr service will provide you with. You can also get other BTT Cloud services, including a free consultation with AWS and Azure certified professionals –

About CloudCheckr

CloudCheckr was founded in 2011 in the U.S. and a hitherto still is a successful company that develops independent Cloud Management solutions with more than 5,000 users worldwide -, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations, state-owned enterprises, and leading managed cloud service providers.

CloudCheckr brings enterprise IT, security, and finance teams together to provide full cost transparency, which enables reasonable cloud cost allocation, and provides comprehensive optimization, automation, and security recommendations.

CloudCheckr is a comprehensive Cloud Management solution that helps businesses manage and automate the cost and security of public Cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google) infrastructures. This solution transforms Cloud Service data into specific non-invasively presented (read-only rights) insights, which is achieved through reporting, alerting, analyzing and automating the Cloud platform . This results in optimally used platform, the optimized cost of the Cloud and an ensured the security of the Cloud platform (Security-in-the-cloud) as well as reduced Cloud vulnerabilities and misconfiguration.

The CloudCheckr platform integrates more than 600 security and more than 35 compliance best practice checks that optimize and automate your investments in the Cloud.

For several consecutive years, CloudCheckr has been named as one of the world’s leading companies in cloud cost management and optimization by Forrester Research (The Forrester WaveTM: Q4 2020 Cloud Cost Management and Optimization)

Typical challenges that CloudCheckr helps to address:

1. The management of Cloud costs and generation allocation

● 80% of companies exceed planned Cloud budgets;

● Cloud cost increases are unplanned and addressed after-the-fact;

● With a large or complex Cloud infrastructure, its management and monitoring becomes extremely complicated, which requires a lot of effort and leads to a lot of human errors.

2. Ensuring the security of a dynamic and modern Cloud environment

● 60% of IT professionals share the fear that they won’t be able to secure their company’s data in the Cloud

● With multiple access points on the cloud platform and frequent deployments of solutions, manual security monitoring becomes extremely challenging.

3. Maintaining compliance and controls standards

● 70% of companies admit that they do not have sufficient sight on how they ensure that the control and compliance standards are followed. This can usually be noticed only after an incident occurs or an external audit is performed.

● Preparing for an audit requires a lot of human effort and time.