December 12, 2019

BTT Cloud awarded the best of the year

A festive BTT Cloud evening was held in Vilnius, where were awarded the best of the year.

The event was attended by over 100 business leaders and public figures as well as major software providers.

“The purpose of these awards is to show good examples of how to rationally and effectively organize and manage your IT economy,” said Donatas Zaveckas, CEO of BTTCloud.

The award for the best security solution in the market was presented to the management of Pacai Hotel. The Arginta Group received the nomination of the year for the giant leap to the Cloud.  According to the CEO of BTT Cloud, cloud migration requires thoughtful preparation, but fundamentally changes the quality of managed IT services.

The nomination for the change of the year was presented to the „Children’s Rights Protection Service“ and the team of the project.

„When state agency, with regional divisions and vastly different technological literacy increases from50 jobs to nearly 700 jobs in a quarter, helping to manage that growth is a major challenge not only for the institution’s management but also for its technology partners. But we managed to succeed in that” said D. Zaveckas, CEO of BTT Cloud.

BTT Cloud has been providing IT services to business and the public sector for twelve years.

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