May 11, 2020

BTT Cloud renewed: changes are marked by a new Service Desk

According to BTT Cloud CEO Donatas Zaveckas, the updated website stands out for the quality of its content.

“While technology allows for a lot, we are increasingly finding that content wins over form. We wanted our business customers and ordinary consumers to understand as clearly as possible what services we provide and on what issues we can contact the provider of managed services,” he says.

The BTT Cloud website has been updated with an evolutionary, non-revolutionary strategy, so customers who have used the website so far will not experience any discomfort, only to find more detailed information, a broader description of services.

BTT Cloud does not hide its ambition to become the best providers of managed services in Lithuania, therefore it pays special attention to the quality of services, speed of service, and daily experience of customers.

“The new Service Desk was an unavoidable necessity,” says Eduardas Gebenis, Head of BTT Cloud Service.

Until now, customers could submit inquiries to the service department on the portal, by phone, e-mail. From May 11. requests in the old system are no longer accepted, a new service customer service system BTT Cloud Service Desk (SD) is available, available at Inquiries, as before, can be submitted by phone and e-mail.

Asked about the advantages of the new customer system, Eduardas Gebenis, the head of BTT Cloud Service Department, is open: “The new system is superior to everything”.

Customer service systems only work when making a request in the system is as simple as writing or forwarding an email with a specified problem, otherwise, it is not even worth investing in such expensive systems because customers will simply not take advantage.

“We have chosen the world-renowned Solar Winds customer service platform. Everything in it is very intuitive and simple for the user. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the service department to quickly and efficiently manage inquiries, automate some processes, control the time of solving inquiries and other parameters that are very important for our customers,” says Eduardas Gebenis.

BTT Cloud, a constantly growing Lithuanian capital-managed Cloud and IT services company, currently serves more than 5,500 jobs in Lithuania. 74% of customers have been using their services for 2 years or more.