January 26, 2021

CHANGE 2020: how local solutions lead to global change in business?

Managers and technology professionals of Klaipėda and Western region companies and organizations gathered for the first business change forum “CHANGE 2020”, organized by BTT Cloud, an IT services company with Lithuanian capital that has been operating successfully for more than a decade. This time, technology infrastructure planning was discussed as an essential element of strategic change.

The main report of CHANGE 2020 was read by Laurynas Prikockis, IT Manager of Vakarų Laivų Gamykla AB, who has been working for VLG for more than a decade. According to Laurynas, the main qualitative performance criteria: whether local decisions lead to changes in the whole business.

„At „Vakarų Laivų gamykla“ we use technology tools to plan and initiate the progress of both our company and, I dare say, the entire BLRT Group. In my day-to-day activities, the most important thing for me is to see the bigger picture and understand how the technology infrastructure can help not only our employees, but also the development of the entire business. I am sincerely proud to have cases where our IT department is the initiator and engine of small but fatal changes in the business.“, says L. Prikockis.

IT department of „Vakarų Laivų gamykla“ is responsible for installing a new production tool that will modernize part of the production management processes.

According to Donatas Zaveckas, the CEO of BTT Cloud, who lately has been spending a lot of time in Klaipeda, a lot of potential is concentrated in the Western region.. „There are organizations whose technology infrastructure and Scandinavian approach to planning should be shown as an example for the whole Lithuania“, said Donatas Zaveckas CEO of „BTT Cloud“.

In the second part of the event, Hotel PACAI business development manager Donatas Mekionis and BTT Cloud sales manager Darius Grigaliūnas shared insights about the specifics of technology infrastructure in the service sector.

In order to achieve competitiveness and sustainable growth, both in the service sector and in general, the planning of strategic changes is inseparable from the development of technological infrastructure.

It is recommended to implement technological changes after an in-depth assessment of IT maturity and efficiency.