May 17, 2018

International IT Projects & Trade Conference

On 26th of October a number of business representatives took part in the BTT and partners event “International IT Projects & Trade Conference”. The conference was focused on addressing the importance of the right ICT ecosystem within our national market. By operating as a whole we can become more successful – in order to facilitate this all companies, consultants, associations and chambers of commerce should work together.

Together with partners Kingston Technology, Cogent Communications, Digistate, Stormgeo, Data Logistics, and a guest of honour Audrius Masiulionis (Commercial Attache at Embassy of Republic of Lithuania in Norway) BTT shared their long term accumulated knowledge of handling international business and new innovative projects.

The “International IT Projects & Trade Conference” was opened with a discussion lead by BTT on how to make Lithuania more attractive as an IT infrastructure country and looked at the importance of thinking global, but acting local when doing trade activities in Lithuania and in other European markets.

With a background in Information Technologies BTT managed to mix both technology and business ideas and processes from both technology as well as business partners. This event was the first step in helping partners, clients and friends with the question how companies could work together to achieve more success both nationally and internationally.

“BTT offers managed IT services to clients and partners both nationally as well as internationally. It is important that we manage to continue finding new ways not only to help the more progressive people around us but also the more traditional ones. We intend to achieve this as we have always done, by keeping IT simple. As clients’ trust in us grows so are the services that they offer. BTT will be there to help its clients not only in Lithuania, not just in Europe but in every cloud or office environment were the assistance is needed” (Donatas Zaveckas, UAB “BTT Group” CEO).