June 01, 2020

Justinas Valentukevičius: BTT Cloud aims to be the best in the field of security solutions

BTT Cloud systems administrator Marius Giedraitis and DevOps Arnoldas Mažeika acquired Sophos XG Firewall Architect Certifications. This is another step towards being the best in the field of security solutions.

The new generation of Sophos firewalls has been one of the world’s leading network security solutions for many years. Sophos XG Firewall Generation is a giant leap towards a common level of cyber security by integrating network, workstations, mobile devices and security solutions into a single, coordinated system. Solutions that work in this way are much more efficient and save human costs, systems share information with each other and operate automatically, thus ensuring a rapid response to a potential threat that could result in huge losses for the company.

In recent years, there has been a rapid spread of attacks, against businesses, using automated tools to search for weak and vulnerable networks, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the US, Germany or Lithuania, for malicious people it’s just servers and IPs.

Justinas Valentukevičius, Sophos’ representative in the Baltic States, states that Sophos XG Architect is a certification confirming the highest level of technical competence.

„To be able to take the Architect level exams, engineers must participate in 2 days Engineer level training, which teaches the basic principles of network security and general practices of Sophos firewalls. After successfully passing an exam and receiving Engineer certification, specialists gain the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in Architect courses, which takes 3-4 days to learn more complex, deployment scenarios by performing simulations in virtual labs“, he says.

There are only few companies in the Baltic States whose specialists have gone all the way to this certification, and this shows company’s ambition to be not only good, but also the best in the field by purposefully investing in competencies.

Sophos in Lithuania is becoming a well-known manufacturer not only among larger companies or government organizations, but is also expanding rapidly in the medium and small business segments, helping to protect companies of various sizes in the public and business sectors.

Sophos’ motto “Cyber Security made simple”, we create something that is not only effective, but also simply understood and managed.

If you are interested in Sophos security solutions or want to consult, you can contact BTT Cloud Sales Project Manager Ervin Rizgelis, e-mail ervin.rizgelis@bttcloud.com, phone +370 615 14313.