July 19, 2021

Lenovo – the best choice for employee motivation and efficiency

The pandemic greatly expanded the perimeter of the workplace and changed the priorities of managers. A year ago, most of the business investments were focused on office infrastructure and the working environment. However, growing sales in computer equipment and accessories show that now the priority is a comfortable, technologically advanced, safe workplace that motivates an employee and increases the efficiency.

“The most important thing for us is that the equipment works consistently and is reliable; the workplace is ergonomic and comfortable,” says Gintautas Ignotas, head of Tokvila, the largest Toyota center in Lithuania.

Tokvila has been choosing Lenovo’s business solutions for many years. Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are used in workplaces that require a greater employee mobility. Where more significant amounts of data are handled, a multi-monitor solution is the best option to increase employee efficiency.

Racer Benediktas Vanagas recently tested working with the additional monitor. He is more interested in driving processes than the car.

Benedict, who uses the Lenovo ThinkVision T34w-20 model, after using two monitors can’t see himself going back to one.

Lenovo ThinkVision is a feature of a modern workplace. QHD resolution has improved image quality. A single USB-C cable is used to charge devices, transfer video and data, and perform a docking function. The height of the screens and the angle of inclination are conveniently adjusted, which maximizes the ergonomics of the workplace.

“I like this future,” says Benediktas Vanagas.

In 2020 73 thousand business laptops were sold in Lithuania. More than 31 thousand (43%) of these are Lenovo solutions. BTT Cloud is an undeniable leader in Lenovo sales in the Baltic countries.

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