January 26, 2021

Migrating to Microsoft Azure: Practical Tips for Business

Cloud services expert Dominykas Palšis and Head of Cloud division Vytenis Sakalas spoke about specifics of migration to Microsoft Azure for business at a webinar organized by ALSO Lietuva.

The seminar discussed when and why it is worth migrating to Azure, what migration strategies and scenarios are possible, what are the possible performance indicators (KPIs) and how to choose them, why you need a managed service provider and what goals to set for it.

Most of the seminar participants mentioned that they currently manage the infrastructure themselves, consider that they have sufficient competencies and hire external experts only in case of problems. The spectrum of managed Cloud services revealed by Dominykas and Vytenis made many participants question these provisions.

„We sincerely thank for the webinar. It was very interesting to learn practical specifics of migration to Cloud and possibilities of Microsoft Azure. I understand that we will soon be asking you to help with the migration strategy and its implementation. Thank you again“, one participant wrote after the webinar.

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Webinar video – for your attention (in lithuanian)