May 22, 2020

“Nanoavionics“ Development Manager: We spurted together with BTT Cloud

The developers of the first Lithuanian satellite, “Nanoavionics’, which has just signed a contract with NASA, will develop a 12U nano-satellite base platform, which will be used in solar sail experiments conducted by the US Space Agency. This Lithuanian satellite platform will fly NASA’s payload to Earth’s orbit.

“The start of work with BTT Cloud coincided with the growth of our company, which was a real challenge, but BTT Cloud team helped us manage our IT infrastructure so that we could fully focus on sustainable satellite production, leaving IT infrastructure, procedures and related processes to professionals in the field. I am very pleased with BTT Cloud team in terms of expertise and communication“, says Tomas T. Viskontas, “Nanoavionics” Development Manager.

During its period of operation, “Nanoavionics” has implemented 75 successful satellite missions, as well as number of satellite-related commercial projects. They will build a 12U platform in a new US unit, Solar sail on the satellite will be integrated at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

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