January 26, 2021

Sales of Lenovo ThinkPad AMD models are growing exponentially

If, in 2019, about 3,000 Lenovo ThinkPad AMD models were sold in Lithuania, then this year we are seeing a revolutionary growth.

In 2020, about 9,000 units of Lenovo business equipment with AMD processors were sold, which accounts for about  36% of the market share of Lenovo business products in the Baltic States.

Asked why Lenovo AMD is becoming more and more popular in the Baltics, F9 Distribution Baltic representative Aivaras Artiškevičius emphasizes that Lenovo Business Class Thinkpad models with AMD processors are not inferior in processor speed or battery life, but are often cheaper.

Another interesting fact – Ryzen 3-4300U performance surpasses even IntelCore i7-10510U. At the moment, in the market we can see how AMD completelyeliminates competitors in the technological battle.

It didn’t happen overnight. AMD has taken advantage of a partnership withthe world’s leading chip maker TSMC and is currently offering a 7-nanometerprocessor to the market, creating a solid advantage over its only realcompetitor, Intel..

„AMD’s integratedgraphics (Vega 8 or Vega 10) are comparable in speed to the Geoforce MX150 orRadeon RX640 dedicated graphics often seen on business PCs ”, says ErvinRizgelis, Head of BTT Cloud sales Project.

According to him, Lenovo ThinkPad models with AMD processor are mostlychosen by those customers who have previously always bought laptops with aseparate, dedicated graphics card.‍

Customer case: GlassL

„When the Lenovo ThinkPad AMD models hit the market, we saw them as an alternative to the Intel variants. Because of the specifics of our operations, we need 16 GB of RAM, and AMD offers an additional 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD for the same price as Intel 8Gb / 256Gb analogues ”, Justas Kumpikevičius, IT Manager of GlassLt, shares his experience.

The Intel E Series variants have always offered business class and quality at an extremely good price, and AMD provides more value for the same price.