July 08, 2020

Simona Kundrotaitė. How did we become even stronger team?

Customers and partners are slowly coming back to normal rhythm. People feel a little freer and there is less fear in their eyes. It is therefore time to talk about how we fared during the quarantine, how we managed to mobilize staff so that they were as active as possible in managing the consequences of the pandemic, all together reducing losses.

Today, I can say with confidence: BTT Cloud employ the best professionals in their fields, with a human face, fully committed to the company, tolerant of each other and far-sighted – in terms of personal and company goals.

Talk, talk and talk again!

Immediately after announcing planned quarantine in Lithuania and in the first days of it at the management level, we decided to talk as openly as possible with the employees about the current situation. We spoke loud and boldly about how we work now and how we will work in the future. We immediately told everyone that we would do our best not to dismiss anyone.

From the current perspective, it can already be concluded that this was one of the most important aspects at the time. People were feared by both quarantine and uncertainty about the future, so this message reduced the stress of the first days and greatly mobilized the team to work for each other the best they could.

Subsidies – for those who need more!

We are a disciplined company that responsibly manages financial flows. We assessed the possible consequences of the Pandemic for our business and decided at the management level not to use state subsidies or the possibility of downtime. After all, there is someone who needs it more!

The decision not to dismiss any of the employees was accompanied by another decision to keep all newcomers and extend their contracts after a trial period. I firmly believe that every employee is the greatest value in the company and part of its success story. Just as we strive for good results together, we travel through all difficulties together.

Interim reports

Each month, all BTT Cloud employees received a specialized report on the situation in the company. And it wasn’t just general information about how we work or what security measures are in place. We talked openly about the company’s financial situation: how much we earn from individual services or goods, how we manage with customers. How many of them we lost or just discovered, what is the growth or decline in individual areas, how many customers have suspended operations, how many have terminated contracts, or signed new ones.

The first letter

In early April, I sent a first letter about how we were doing in the first two weeks of quarantine in March.

I wrote openly, just as it was, without silencing anything. On the one hand, we did not want to scare our colleagues, on the other hand, it was important for everyone to personally understand the situation and to assess what they can do to make the situation better.

The reaction from BTT Cloud staff was incredible. Colleagues were happy to receive real information, thanked for the insights. For most it was important that they could not be afraid of the future and, most importantly, felt part of one team.

Annual interviews

We had to start them in early March. Some of them happened, but the strategy had to be changed after the quarantine was announced. During the annual interviews, we talk about goals and financial details. Due to the situation, we continued interviews with employees, talked about their goals, but postponed the topic of the salary.  I informed about it in a separate letter.  I was afraid that my colleagues would accept the information correctly so that they would not fear that there were no more opportunities to earn in the company.

We have planned to review the issue of salaries in early May. No one negotiated, did not complain, some even said: “We can return to the issue of wages not after quarantine, but in the autumn or even later”. It was a clear signal to me – most of them are really working job they love.

Employee initiative

Open communication about the situation helped a lot in mobilizing the staff.

Not only did they work very well remotely, but they took the initiative themselves. I received this letter: „Hi, now there is less work, I feel bad when I don’t use my time for work. Maybe I can take a week off on vacation?“.

It was April. After all, it is clear that this is not the best time to vacation during quarantine in Lithuania. But people were honest with themselves, and against the employer. Isn’t it a dream team!

Not to reduce salaries

Together with the managers, we made a decision not to reduce the salary under any circumstances, to pay the earned bonuses and to allow to continue earning as much as the employee is entitled to according to his individual plan.

The key argument is workers’ concerns about the future and the environment. The employer must create an environment where the employee feels safe in every sense, including financial.

Quarantine has shown that we are a united, invincible, team that complements each other and strives for each other. Each of us has contributed to quarantine situation management through our work, goodwill and honesty. Particularly worthy of respect are engineers who had to drive to the customers during the quarantine. None of them complained, muttered, and worked boldly and well.

During the quarantine, we got closer. In a large team, there is not always time to communicate with everyone, but during the quarantine it was a pleasure to talk to those who remained unspoken in the usual rhythm.

We have become an even stronger fist and a strong force, purposefully pursuing the set goal – to be the best managed IT services providers in Lithuania.

Thanks team! I am proud of your knowledge and experience. Together we can do everything!

Simona Kundrotaitė has been working at BTT Cloud for more than a decade. She currently manages the administration and is also responsible for the financial and human resources management.

If you want to become part of the BTT Cloud team, submit your resume: hr@bttcloud.com