July 27, 2022

Skaylink becomes an official Apple Business Partner in the Baltics

Skaylink, a provider of highest quality managed cloud and IT services and its unique expertise, is now an official Apple Business Partner in the Baltic States. This partnership allows us to significantly expand our range of services and provides additional opportunities for existing business customers.

Having agreed on a strategic cooperation with CloudCheckr, the US cloud platform management giant, a year ago, Skaylink continues to deliver on its promise to become a leader in managed cloud services across Europe. This time, the list of partners is complemented by Apple, one of the world’s largest information technology companies, which offers the Apple Business Manager suite of tools for managing business devices. As an official Apple Business Partner in the Baltics, the Skaylink team will be able to make the work of companies much easier by offering smart security and management solutions and the opportunity to purchase Apple products on more favourable terms.

Until now, we have been able to offer customers purchasing Apple products a warranty extension of up to 36 months, as well as advice on device preparation, management and security solutions, and seamless integration into the organisation’s overall device ecosystem.

From now on, as an official Apple Business Partner in the Baltic States, we will offer business customers and organisations the ability to prepare devices and enrol them into the MDM/Mobile Device Management portal with the Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP), deploy apps on iOS/iPadOS/macOS devices from the App Store without an Apple ID with the ability to sync the company’s Microsoft Azure AD or Google Workspace with company-managed Apple ID users.

“The official partnership is the result of our consistent work, and I’m glad it has not gone unnoticed. We certainly have some loyal Apple fans among our business customers, so I’m delighted that we’ll be able to offer them a full suite of services and Cloud solutions that meet their business needs,” said Jonas Černauskis, Apple product sales manager at Skaylink.

He says that the Skaylink team and he personally, who both live and work remotely, can prepare customers’ employees to work with the latest Apple products, so that all the equipment’s capabilities and features are known and used successfully.

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