February 07, 2023

Skaylink.lt – the hub of technology for enterprises!

In August 2021, UAB “BTT Group” became part of the Skaylink family. Providing Cloud, DevOps, and IT services not only in Lithuania, the Baltic, and North regions but also leading the market in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH) with a team of over 700 qualified and certified experts and with the world’s leading brands in its customer portfolio.

“As with any business merger, we were no exception. It took time to synchronize operations and coordinate working principles — making sure we would be mutually beneficial and effective within the group, however, today, I am satisfied. The Lithuanian Skaylink is improving the quality of its services for customers here in Lithuania while a part of the team deals with international challenges. Everyone has the opportunity to improve,” says Skaylink Lithuania manager and Skaylink group shareholder Donatas Zaveckas.

For more than a decade in Lithuania, BTT Group was recognized as the brand manager of BTT Cloud. Starting in 2021, we made sure that customers were gradually introduced to the new brand:
1st stage – BTT Cloud – part of Skaylink;
2nd stage – Skaylink – former BTT Cloud;
3rd stage – simply “Skaylink”.

At the end of this brand launch – a new hub of technology for enterprises available at www.skaylink.lt.

“The new Skaylink website is not just information about products and services – it also acts as a guide to various modern services for any interested user”, says one of the website concept authors, Vytenis Sakalas, Skaylink Head of Sales.

Attempts were made to identify users based on their areas of interest. If they are interested in Cloud services but have not yet made the decision to migrate, there is a dedicated user journey for that specific user. However, if the Client is already on the Cloud and needs optimization or further development solutions – another scenario is presented. Of course, DevOps and IT services have their scenarios for customers based on interests and goals as well.

Managers who are not deeply involved in technology will easily understand what services they need and what results can be achieved with the help of various services offered by Skaylink, as the content is synchronized with our current service portfolio.

Meanwhile, technology professionals will find the latest best practices, and, of course, with the help of Skaylink DevOps and Cloud-Ops teams, they can apply those practices to their business – helping them succeed.

The new content is relevant not only to customers but also to partners and potential employees interested in career opportunities at Skaylink. Information about services and Skaylink business solutions is formulated so that communication with potential clients does not require writing long letters filled with explanations — managers can simply share a direct link to specific services. 

Of course, new content will be added, and old content will be expanded upon. Our aim is to become a hub for professionals interested in technology.