May 25, 2023

Step up to the Challenge With Skaylink — Your Best Career Paths Await This Sunday

On the last Sunday of May, we’re inviting everyone with a knack for walking to discover Vilnius from a pedestrian’s perspective. As proud partners of “The Walk that Changes” event, we at Skaylink promise you more than just a scenic city tour. We’re encouraging you to experience a whole new style of job interview — one that casts off traditional office boundaries.

At Skaylink, we’re at the forefront of Cloud services across Europe. We believe in the power of well-planned routes, whether it’s picking the right tech partner or plotting your career trajectory. If you’re passionate about tech and innovation, join us this Sunday (28th of May). As you stride along the 5, 10, or 25-kilometer routes, keep your eyes peeled for our team members, proudly sporting the Skaylink badge. They’ll be delighted to chat about the wealth of career and collaboration opportunities we offer.

The Road to Success with Skaylink

Over 16 years ago, Skaylink (once BTT Cloud) was among the few pioneers in Lithuania to embrace the less-traveled path of Cloud services. Our steady commitment to this innovative route has seen us evolve into one of the fastest-growing providers of managed Cloud, DevOps, and IT services across the Baltic states, as well as a Cloud services leader in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We’re always on the lookout for team members who share our fearless forward momentum and thirst for growth.

Throughout our journey, we’ve crafted numerous career paths, enabling onsite and remote technicians, system administrators, CloudOps and DevOps professionals, service managers, and sales team members to flourish. The proof is in the numbers — most of our team members have been part of Skaylink for over 5 years.

Join Us for the Journey!

You might ask, “What’s walking got to do with all of this?” Here at Skaylink, we’re as enthusiastic about sports as we are about technology. We actively encourage our team to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and we bond over the shared challenge of triathlon tracks. We’ve even founded and nurtured Lithuania’s largest triathlon club, “BTT.” Every member of the Skaylink team has the opportunity to train alongside professional athletes and Olympians, boosting their swimming and running skills and overall fitness through BTT Swim, BTT Run, and other programs. This Sunday’s walk is a fantastic chance to get active, and our entire Skaylink team will be out in force to soak up the early summer in Vilnius.

If you’re prepared to take a bold step forward in your career, don’t miss this chance to chat with the Skaylink team. Casual conversation comes easily in a relaxed setting, and there’s plenty of time to explore every topic you’re curious about. See you there!”