August 20, 2021

Sustainable at the core. The case of SBA.

The concept of sustainability is increasingly flashing in corporate communication. Not only because sustainability reports are like tax declarations – mandatory for large companies and increasingly crucial for responsible businesses.

It is difficult to tell when the commitment to nature will be the priority and determine the supplier of goods and services. However, big corporations and brands have already joined thebandwagon of green economy.

The world’s largest seller of computers, the Lenovo brand, in support of the United Nations Climate Change Initiatives has already offset 8,300,000 kg of carbon emissions in the Baltics in the last nine months.. Emissions are calculated by estimating CO2 emissions from the production and transportation of computers, including their five-year life cycle.

Lithuania’s social responsibility, a responsible approach to the environment and nature conservation, is no longer just a rhetorical matter. For several years now the SBA Group in all its business centers and companies has been using only green electricity that was produced from renewable sources. Klaipėdos baldai, which is a part of the group, has also installed a solar power plant, which fulfills up to 8% of the company’s electricity demand.

Did you know that Utenos Trikotažas, part of the SBA Group, has been recognized by the international environmental organization Greenpeace as a pioneer of sustainable textiles and the only one worldwide to meet the set standards for this industry? This SBA company uses organic raw materials in its production. It also creates innovative materials every year using recycled plastics collected from the oceans and soybeans, seaweed and mint fiber.

In the real estate sector, Kauno Dokas shines like a diamond. It is the first business center in the Baltic States that is cooled by the river water. SBA furniture companies increasingly use recycled wood panels in their production. The wood waste generated during the production either are used to make new panels or their residues are sold to biofuel companies.

The backbone of the SBA Group’s sustainability policy is the clever use of the circular economy principles, which has resulted in a significant reduction of waste going to landfills.

The group of companies openly declares its ambition to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% in less than a decade (by 2030).

“Sustainability and environmental impact minimization is one of the core principles of the SBA, which guides us in all areas of activity be it a real estate development or furniture and textile production. We want to keep the planet as natural as possible for future generations. Therefore, when choosing an office equipment manufacturer, in addition to reliability, durability and compatibility, a really important criterion for the SBA Group is the commitment to environmental initiatives to offset CO2 emissions that result from production, transportation and equipment life cycle,” says Vaidas Paulauskis, SBA Group IT Manager.

According to Vaidas, the companies of the SBA group for their daily work use Lenovo devices such as computers, monitors, and peripherals.

Lenovo offsets carbon emissions by supporting climate change projects, developing environmentally-focused innovations within the organization and sharing them with competitors in order to reduce the CO2 emissions in the whole of the industry. For example, in packaging processes, we have entirely abandoned adhesive tape and thus save about 50 tons of plastic per year,” says Audrius Klimaitis, the Head of Lenovo’s Baltic office.

All Lenovo devices have a green entry in the technical specification that indicates the exact carbon footprint. For example, the Lenovo X1 (gen 9) emits 504 kg of carbon dioxide during its production, transportation, and use cycle. Lenovo rounds this figure to the benefit of nature and allocates funds to the UN Climate Change Initiative to offset 1,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

Lenovo devices with CO2 emissions are marked with a special label “CO2 compensated”.

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