May 21, 2020

TeleSoftas new business direction – artificial intelligence projects

“TeleSoftas“ is one of the most well-known technology companies in Lithuania, which started its activities in 2003 in the business incubator of Kaunas University of Technology. Company has more than 220 employees in Lithuania. “TeleSoftas“ also has offices in Switzerland, Netherlands and the United States.

Company not only develops various software for customers all over the world, but also helps businesses to implement so-called digital transformation, optimize processes and so on.

“We work with telecommunications, financial technology, logistics and retail sectors. Currently, we also pay a lot of attention to machine learning projects“, says Algirdas Stonys, founder and CEO of “TeleSoftas“.

Among company’s customers are such famous names as Black Stone Group, Orange, America Mobile, TNT. Currently, software developed by “Telesoftas“ is used by 700 million users all over the world.

Algirdas Stonys – CEO and Founder – TeleSoftas

“Our goal is to create the best software in the world precisely from Lithuania. We do not hide our ambitions to expand. I hope that by 2025, the software we develop will be used by 2 billion users”, says A. Stonys, adding that reliable technology partners are very important.

“TeleSoftas“ has historically used Lenovo equipment provided by BTT Cloud – managed IT and cloud services company.

Company’s technology manager Vaidotas Rutkauskas is open: nowadays, all computers are fast and powerful, however the reliability of the manufacturer and supplier is very important.

Since “TeleSoftas“ has a very wide range of activities and works with big data, machine learning, it is very important that computers can be easily configured. On Lenovo workstation models, you can add random access memory (RAM) at any time, increase the capacity of working disk, configure it so that the computer can work with extremely large amounts of data, perform complex calculations.

“We use Lenovo Thinkpad workstation. They have their own classic design that looks solid, will never go out of style, every employee will be happy and comfortable working with such computer. A good feature is the durability of these computers: they withstand travel, bumps in the workplace and other physical threats that are practically unavoidable in every day work“, says V. Rutkauskas, technology manager of “TeleSoftas“.

Single-manufacturer hardware greatly facilitates the organization of a large IT economy, as there are no hardware interface and integration problems. Whether it’s the connection of monitors and screens, or connections that are very durable, questions. Lenovo workstation works both in the workplace and on the move.

“Before making a decision, we tested a variety of hardware, but we chose powerful Lenovo business-class computers so-called the Workstation. This choice helped us to optimize our IT infrastructure. It is very easy for us to connect computers to employees in every workplace, there are no compatibility issues in the meeting rooms: everything connects and works everywhere. For this, we also thank managed services provider – BTT Cloud“, says Vaidotas Rutkauskas.

If you want to upgrade your hardware under the most favorable conditions on the market and purchase high-quality Lenovo business class computers, you can contact BTT Cloud.