August 20, 2021

The New Lenovo Workstation: attractively packaged power

The business-class Workstation market is still associated with dinosaurs: stationary and, therefore, powerful computer models. It is a myth that BTT Cloud Sales Project Manager Ervin Rizgelis and a technology reviewer Dovydas Rimeisis not only tried but many times over managed to defy by presenting an overview of Lenovo most powerful Workstation-class models.

“Humbly speaking, we have a little understanding of what business needs, we know the myths existing in the market, so when the ThinkBook 15P, ThinkPad P15v, ThinPad P15 and ThinkPad P1 are tested in real conditions, our attention was on fundamental questions such as: why one Core i7 processor can outperform another same generation i7 processor few times over? What are the advantages of Quadro over Geforce? What are the real advantages of Lenovo Performance Tuner and Ultra Performance Mode software? ” E. Rizgelis emphasizes main aspects of the review.

At the centre of reviewers’ discussion was the 15-inch Workstation-class portable ThinkBook and ThinkPad-class models, which are built to provide efficient, trouble-free operations.

The high-end laptop for business stands out due to its higher production quality standards, Windows Pro operating system, few days lasting warranty service, matte IPS matrix. An integrated privacy filter, LTE adapter, workplace warranty – what is required from laptops by organizations that understand how expensive their internal data is as well as employee downtime.

This review will provide helpful information for both consumers with basic knowledge and experienced market professionals.

If you wish to quickly and conveniently choose a new Workstation according to the specifics of your work, take a look at concise insights from David and Ervin on the target audiences of the models:

– Are you a member of creative industries, who usually does not dwell in the office and needs a stylish work tool by his side? Is your job video and photo editing, animation, graphic design? The best choice for you is a ThinkBook 15P.

– Do you work with average 3D models and have experienced the benefits of  Docking and Quadro and find them still relevant? Are you a programmer or a data analyst? Do you prefer a 15-inch Think series model with an H-series processor and integrated graphics? Your choice – ThinkPad P15v.

– Is your job mainly extremely large projects whether it is in medicine, natural resources or virtual reality? You are well aware that analog desktop speed in an ultrabook should not be expected. Then the ThinkPad P15 and P17 models are the right and practical choices for you.

– Do you constantly travel, but need the power as in the case of P15? Do you understand that a 1kg weight difference justifies a 10-20% lower speed and that works for you? Then we recommend you ThinkPad P1.

BTT Cloud is Lenovo’s sales leader in the Baltic states (SMB). We are the only professionals with the Lenovo Workstation Expert qualification based in Lithuania.

You can find the best LENOVO business offers on the dedicated Workstation and Lenovo X1 Carbon pages.

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