July 08, 2020

What kind of computer do you need for everyday needs?

„It should be something simple, inexpensive, that would well-functioning“, – the most common answer to the question: what exactly do you need?

In fact, the offer of computers on the market is very wide, so choosing a model that meets the best value for money without honest advisors is not easy.

Ervin Rizgelis, BTT Cloud sales project manager, working exclusively with business clients, has accumulated vast experience that may be useful to you.

When asked why customers always come back to him, Ervin is open: I try to offer business customers such equipment with which he will not have any problems for at least three years, will be able to work efficiently, travel and have fun. It is true that we usually win in terms of price, but an important moment for the business is full preparation of work equipment, extended warranty period and access to regular maintenance services.

Summer is a very good time to renew. We asked Ervin what he could currently recommend to consumers looking for something simple, inexpensive and durable.

„Lenovo’s Small Business E-Series has premium features that couple of years ago customers paid over a thousand euros and now it cost around € 700,” says Ervin.

“Incredibly good, is most often heard from customers“, he says. Aluminum surface, three-year extended business warranty, dock connector for integrity, IPS matrix, backlit keyboard, light weight and ultra-high-end integrated security and conferencing solutions. All this is packed for the user in Lenovo E series models.

It is also important that the E-Series retains the RAM and SSD upgrade capabilities what buyers of premium class computers are missing more and more often, because everything inside is often soldered and will not be replaced in the future.

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