August 24, 2020

Working remotely is even easier!

“ The epidemiological situation in the world has completely changed the habits of business and daily work. What we can do remotely, we do remotely. Working from a space that is comfortable for you has become commonplace. It is currently difficult to get quality video conferencing solutions on the market. We have the opportunity to offer our customers quality equipment for daily work remotely”, says Ervin Rizgel, BTT Cloud Sales Project Manager.

We present you Lenovo Think Smart HUB500 video conferencing solution, which you can try live at the BTT Cloud office in Vilnius.

Lenovo ThinSmart Hub500

The ThinkSmart Hub 500 comes with Microsoft Teams Rooms, enabling users to communicate in a variety of chat rooms, from personal offices to large conference rooms, while ensuring simplicity and a high-quality audio-visual experience.

Whether you’re a host, a participant, or behind the scenes, Microsoft Teams Rooms Control Center gives you flexibility to schedule, run, and manage meetings by turning any place into a Teams meeting place with one-click login.

Members of the organization familiar with the system enjoy a consistent and smooth experience of communication and working remotely.

Customer experience

We are currently reforming our work style. We aim to encourage our team to work more efficiently, so we are looking for new ways to increase employee productivity. I believe that upgrading the communication platform is one of the essential components, so we are determined to move to the Microsoft Teams platform..

Organizing meetings in real time, exchanging information efficiently using selected lists, or working simultaneously has greatly contributed to significant changes within the company.

Rolandas Dirgėla, Magnetic MRO IT Manager