Kubernetes engineer

CloudOps Lithuania Vilnius

Wanted! A Kubernetes engineer! Have you seen them?

We are an agile team and love flat hierarchies. With us, no two projects are the same. We design sophisticated IT systems for our customers from a wide variety of industries and with a wide variety of requirements. We always welcome new ideas, and reliable implementation is a matter of course for us.Join Skaylink and become a part of our mission to unleash the full potential of people and businesses!

Get Ready To:

– Get involved in challenging and varied work with daily exposure to a variety of clients, globally distributed applications, bespoke projects, and cutting-edge technologies.
– Make your mark in pioneering serverless computing concepts and multi-cloud architectures.
– Design and develop various containerised architectures and master Kubernetes by getting practical hands-on experience.
– Monitor and maintain containerised architectures and clients’ global applications.
– Collaborate with diverse international teams within and outside Skaylink.
– Design and develop automated processes and resilient applications.

We Expect You To:

– Have practical experience with Docker containers and Kubernetes or other container orchestration platforms (e.g. Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE)
– Have experience in building and maintaining containerised architectures in public clouds: AWS, Azure, or GCP.
– Understand platform-independent CI/CD concepts relating to Docker images and Kubernetes clusters.
– Have knowledge of Git standard branching and release strategy.
– Hold experience with monitoring solutions, such as Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, DataDog, NewRelic, and cloud platform native offerings.
– Have experience with IaC: Terraform, CloudFormation, Google Deployment Manager, or Azure Resource Manager, Bicep, Azure CLI or Powershell.

It Would Be Amazing If You:

– Have past Kubernetes Engineer, CloudOps Engineer or DevOps Engineer work experience (2+ years would be amazing!).
– Be proficient in public clouds: AWS, Azure, or GCP.
– Be experienced with automated unit testing, deployment testing, and deployment frameworks.
– Have experience working in/with a development team using Scrum.
– Have knowledge in SQL and NOSQL databases – HA setup provisioning using IaC.
– Have experience in Configuration Management (Ansible/Chef or similar).
– Not only have fluent English but also communicate in Lithuanian or German.

What We’ll Bring To The Table?

– Opportunity to join a highly skilled CloudOps team and play significant role in navigating our clients in their digital transformation journey by refactoring and enabling their globally distributed applications.
– Opportunity to stay on top of emerging container technologies, AWS & Azure public cloud services and DevOps tools and get practical experience working with them.
– A rapidly growing, innovative, and international business environment that is waiting for you and your ideas.
– Exciting tasks and projects that allow you to develop your talent and skills.
– An agile, cooperative, and appreciative team passionate to help you develop your full potential!
– Continuous education that will help you evolve your skills – Skaylink Academy, free access to various education platforms, team experience sharing sessions.
– A flexible working schedule and environment to help you have a pleasant working experience.
– Joint company events, Skaylink sports events, workations, and team-building trips.

Let’s Talk Business:

– A gross salary range from 2800 Eur/month to 7000 Eur/month.
– An ability to work in our amazing offices in different locations across Europe – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys, Riga, Hamburg, Essen, Paderborn, Cologne, Regensburg, Garching, Munich, Jena, Kyiv, Lviv.
– Want to work completely remotely? Of course! We want to make your working experience as comfortable as possible!

Interested? Join a culture where:

– The motto is – NO BULLSHIT. Everyone works on what they do best and tries to do their best!
– Everyone is excited to hear your ideas and what you have to say!
– Your birthday is a celebration for everyone! We’ll give you a full day off from work on your birthday!
– Your physical and mental health is crucial! We’ll allow you to have some time off if you need to recharge!
– Everyone is chill! Get ready to roll in our easy-going, inclusive atmosphere with informal and laid-back communication.
– Your passions are our passions! If you uncover a hidden super talent while you’re with us – we’ll do everything we can to support you and help turn it into an ultimate career change.

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Additional benefits for our employees:


Whether it's a hammock on the beach in Thailand, or a cottage in the countryside of Spain, whether it’s with your teammates or alone – you have a chance to work in a place that suits and inspire you the most. The balance of work and life is important to us.


Guaranteed specialized and quality health insurance for every employee.


We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and access to seminars and learning platforms so your ambition and talent can grow.


Employees are provided with a personal mobility budget that can be used for expenses on a taxi, fuel, or rental car when needed.


Every morning you'll find a full snack and drink bar in the office. We also regularly organize brunches, business, and regular lunches for the whole team. Food is an important part of our culture.


We value active leisure and encourage everyone to partake in it. Our employees are always welcome to exercise with professionals or be a part of our Best Triathlon Team!


Skaylinkers know best about the extras - we occasionally enjoy vibrant parties, delightful trips, and festivals.