Modernize your business and applications!

Let us support you through your DevOps journey towards the higher speed in your business time-to-market application delivery, and operational efficiency with security and compliance in mind

Get ready for DevOps

Based on DevOps

Asses and plan your DevOps

We help you to assess the state of DevOps culture, processes, and toolset in your organization, then inspire you on the desired state, create a roadmap, and identify traceable metrics

Implement CI/CD and automate

We help you analyse, design, construct, automate and implement your continuous delivery and equip your developers with best-of-breed pipelines, CI/CD tools and container-based developement enviroments.

Kubernetes Enblement Cloud-Native CI/CD
Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and automation

Rocket launch Your Business

Based on DevSecOps

Manage your DevOps

We help you sustain your continuous delivery by continuously enchancing and upgrading the workflows and toolsets as well as implementing the improvements to make your DevOps environement effective and up-to-date.

DevOps management and monitoring
DevOps support services

Integrate security DevSecOps

We equip your dev team with automated security solutions to eliminate garbage code, scan for volunerabilities, increase visability and validate compliance

Manage Clouds Products & Solutions

DevOps strategy and advisory
Microservices Consulting
DevOps management and Monitoring
DevOps Support Services
Cloud Check Up (Get Free Offer!) GitLab as a Service Azure DevOps
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Automation
Cloud-Native CI/CD CI/CD Practice Implementation Kubernetes Enablement DevSecOps
AWS ir Azure Cyber saugumo vertinimas ir DevSecOps praktikų diegimas
Azure DevOps Cloud Check-Up powered by CloudCheckr GitLab DataDog Black Duck JFrog Xray

Our Value Proposition to Clients

Increased agility 92%

reduced monthly spending on AWS/Azure resources due to better architecture, utilization and optimization #SpendLess

Enhanced quality >155M Eur

of cybersecurity exposure saved to our clients by reducing cybersecurity and data breach risk #SleepBetter

Faster time-to-market 100%

in the market with 150 (and counting) certified AWS and Azure specialists. #BeInspired

Scalability 99,9%

in the market with 150 (and counting) certified AWS and Azure specialists. #EarnMore