IT Effectiveness and Maturity Assessment

IT Effectiveness & Maturity Assessment — a Guiding Force Behind IT Improvement.

Learn to understand if the goals of your IT department and your business align.

IT Effectiveness & Maturity Assessment helps determine if your IT department, its services and its processes are working efficiently. Understanding the current (As-Is) and desired (To-Be) maturity levels of the organization’s IT activities and services will create a crystal-clear blueprint for communication between employees, managers and departments of your business. Another big benefit – we’ll make sure your IT department gets all the attention it deserves from the business and receives a business mandate to transform from “business driven IT” to “business driving IT”.

How does it work?

Analysis & Evaluation

We’ll take an in-depth look at all your IT activities, processes, current operational model, organizational model, internal documents and practices to gather information and identify the gaps that have been created. Our methods are based on the Innovation Value Institute – IT Capability Maturity Framework, COBIT, and 15+ years of our practical IT experience working with more than 500 clients of diverse maturity and size.

Interviews & Discussion

To prepare a deep-dive evaluation report, we’ll want to interview representatives from IT and multiple areas of your core business. The main goal is to identify areas for improvement and understand the main aspects of your IT activities, like operational management, operational strategy, processes and procedures, technologies, and data. We make sure that we measure the real business satisfaction temperature so that we’re able to improve IT department’s posture and mandate from business.

Recommendations & Strategy

Once familiarized with how your IT department contributes to business development, innovation and the overall goal of your business we can prepare a detailed evaluation report to reduce costs, provide recommendations and clear tools needed to increase the maturity, efficiency and quality of your IT services — creating more value for your business. The ultimate deliverable of this service is an actionable plan of corrective tasks and initiatives that contribute to reaching desired maturity & effectiveness level.

Spend less, earn more and sleep better — let us prepare long-term & short-term actionable recommendations to upgrade your IT department.