Azure and AWS Performance and Cost optimization

Azure and AWS Cost & Performance Optimization — Get More For Less!

Pay for what you use, not for what you don’t use! Reduce your monthly bills by having Skaylink engineers identify unused and idle resources — an optimized Cloud is a happy Cloud.

Fine-tune your AWS or Azure instances to reduce spending by as much as 40% while not sacrificing your performance, stability, or security. Skaylink is an official AWS and Microsoft Partner that has audited hundreds of businesses utilizing Cloud technologies. Help us free up your IT resources and slash down on monthly bills by making sure your Cloud applications are running optimally.

Certified Skaylink engineers will asses your current AWS or Azure infrastructure and remediate elements like auto-scaling, DB performance, and application containerization — ensuring your Cloud is the perfect match for your application.

How do we do it?

Analysis & Assessment

Skaylink engineers will perform a deep-dive analysis of your entire AWS or Azure cloud environment to identify improvements, and assess reliabilities, performance, cost, and operations. Recommending best practices, including the possibility to:
– Automate scaling, failover, and recovery.
– Cut waste and optimize cloud resources.
– Tune cloud speed & performance.

Security & Compliance Checkup

We’ll identify basic security and compliance gaps in your cloud environment, ensuring you have the right information to prevent any security or compliance disaster scenarios.

Report & Recommendations

After performing a deep-dive analysis, we’ll prepare a detailed report of recommendations and a list of actions needed to be implemented. You can always rely on certified Skaylink AWS and Azure engineers to implement recommendations or do it yourself.

Optimization opportunities are hiding in your environments — let us hunt them down!