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Guarantees end-to-end IT & Cloud
infrastructure security.

SOPHOS — a British security giant that has been operating for several decades is an increasingly brighter star, shining on the global cyber security map. Enabling complete A to Z security for all your technology infrastructure, both virtual and physical allowed it to become more and more appreciated by both the public and business sectors.

SOPHOS offers a wide range of Cyber ​​Security solutions, covering user computers (Endpoint),
security of mobile devices, networks, servers and the Cloud.

Wireless Security
Email Security
Web Security Solutions
Data Encryption Solutions
Server Security
Endpoint Security

“Skaylink — a Platinum Sophos partner, boasting the largest number of Sophos sales in the Baltic countries during 2022. Demonstrating the highest level of competency in implementing both Endpoint and Firewall solutions”,

says Jaska Rantala, Sophos Sales Manager in the Baltic States and Finland.

SOPHOS Business Solutions

For computer, server & mobile device security

A senior leader in the antivirus market. Using AI technology to completely secure user computers and servers from malware and ransomware-type viruses that forcefully encrypt data inside computers or servers. Cryptoguard monitors the system and blocks any suspicious processes that start data encryption tasks — keeping your systems operational.


MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution that guarantees data protection and allows mobile devices to be used safely when at work and long after. Offers extremely competitive pricing and easy-to-use controls.



For network security

New generation firewalls with specialized Xstream processors for encrypted traffic. Transparent pricing for organizations looking for high-availability solution licenses that don’t cost double the market value.


Solutions for employee education against malicious emails. The human factor is the moist exploited vulnerability allowing malware to enter an organization’s internal network — educate against it.


High-quality Wi-Fi devices. Directly controlled from Sophos Central and communicates with other Sophos security solutions to guarantee a well-protected corporate wireless network.


E-mail protection against spam, phishing, and ransomware-type emails. Protecting critical information with data encryption and leak prevention tools.


Here’s What our Clients say

"Sophos provides a complete turnkey security solution, starting from network hardware and ending with antivirus software. The price turned out to be extremely friendly, and using the same console to manage the company’s Wi-Fi significantly relieved the headache of thinking about company protection and security.”
– Tomas Tyla-Viskontas, Head of Organizational Development

”Not only do our highest quality standards apply to the service of our customers, but they also apply to the security of their personal information. That’s why we’ve chosen Sophos Firewall — guaranteeing reliable protection of the data we process.”
– Rūta Pulkauninkaitė-Macikė, general director

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“Sophos — the only manufacturer with both Endpoint and Firewall solutions that managed to end up on the right side of the latest Garner’s quadrants, demonstrating absolute market dominance and vision. Businesses choose Sophos because there’s no need to wander between multiple manufacturers when searching for the best protection at all levels. The customers also appreciate the fact that there’s no longer a need to delve into several solutions and consoles — the headaches that come with management or integration with existing systems simply fade away.”

Ervin Rizgelis
Business Solutions Sales Team Lead
Phone: +370 615 14313