Socially Responsible, Therefore Successful!

What being socially responsible means to us?

Protecting the environment. Sharing accumulated experience. Fostering national growth.

As a leading cloud service provider in Europe, we set high standards for ourselves daily. Social responsibility is no exception, and we strive to achieve it every step of the way.

Our success is measured by the harmony and balance of the environment surrounding us. That’s why we work tirelessly to create a comfortable, long-lasting, and beneficial environment for future generations. With a well-calibrated moral compass — our path to success is clear.

Every day, we look for ways to make our actions more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We leverage green energy opportunities for our clients, and in our offices, we avoid excessive paper documents that pose a threat to forests. We believe that each of us can contribute to preserving the environment, and we encourage our clients to do the same.

Here at Skaylink, we believe that every challenge is an opportunity for growth. We respect and support each employee’s desire to improve and learn because, behind every success story, there is a person. We are fascinated by diversity and the ability to think unconventionally, so we promote cultural diversity and gender equality within our team.

We are united by the conviction that by constantly pushing our limits, we can achieve more for others every day. We are united by sports. We are avid triathlon enthusiasts, as it reveals the best qualities of all team members. We are proud to support young, talented athletes, including our employees.

We are responsible for the well-being of the country where we can grow and improve. We care about creating a good living environment for everyone, and we strive to make our homeland’s name transcend geographic boundaries. That’s why we contribute to shaping Lithuania’s image worldwide and support Benediktas Vanagas in the world’s most famous race – Dakar.

Skaylink – today, we take responsibility for tomorrow’s world, so here and now, through concrete actions, we strive to create an environment where there’s room for the future.

For Employees and the Team
  • We create a healthy, safe, non-discriminatory work environment, ensuring equal rights and opportunities, and we do not tolerate violence, harassment, discrimination, or human rights violations.
  • We provide conditions and support for the growth of employees’ professional competencies, and we encourage them to achieve personal goals.
  • We care for our employees’ physical health by providing an ergonomic work environment, healthy snacks, and promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  • We encourage a work-life balance.
  • We provide health insurance for our employees.
  • We care for our employees’ mental health.
  • We invest extra in employee motivation.
For Clients and Partners
  • By offering our clients cloud solutions, we not only save resources but also help our clients operate more efficiently, earn more, and feel safer.
  • We provide cloud services from sustainable and eco-friendly data centers that use energy from renewable sources.
  • We cooperate with and support environmentally friendly initiatives of our partners. Lenovo compensates for CO2 emissions generated during the production and transportation of devices, including their five-year life cycle. All funds are allocated to United Nations-initiated climate change projects.
  • Some business trips by car or plane become obsolete due to digital infrastructure and remote work opportunities, reducing CO2 emissions. Striving to combine maximum flexibility with eco-friendliness, Skaylink develops modern mobility concepts.
  • Our team includes highly competent colleagues from Ukraine and other countries who work on Lithuanian and foreign projects.
  • Both in our daily work and when providing services, we prioritize sustainable, environmentally neutral components and suppliers.
  • We protect ourselves and our clients. Our operations are covered by a one million Lloyds insurance policy.
Environment and Nature
  • Currently, around 30% of the electricity consumed in our offices comes from eco-friendly energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydro. We aim to become 100% green energy consumers within 5 years.
  • We encourage responsible plastic usage, avoiding bottled water, and promoting waste sorting among our employees.
  • We minimize excessive paper consumption by digitizing daily processes.
  • We choose environmentally friendly technological solutions for our operations, such as the DATA INN data center. Its modern technical solutions, three-stage cooling system, and Lithuanian climate, allowing for free cooling most of the time, ensure high energy efficiency with a low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) index – one of the lowest in the region.
  • Our offices feature innovative energy-saving solutions, including energy-efficient heating, ventilation, cooling, and lighting systems.
  • We responsibly follow all environmental requirements when disposing of electronic devices. In partnership with Lenovo, we actively offer buy-back and recycling options for equipment after 3 years.
  • We aim to replace our service department vehicles with fully electric vehicles by 2030.
  • During warmer months, we encourage our employees to use eco-friendly transportation such as bicycles and scooters. We provide dedicated spaces in our offices for storing them, and every office in Lithuania has at least two shared eco-friendly transportation options.
Society and the State
  • We contribute to Lithuania’s global reputation by supporting Benediktas Vanagas’ mission in the Dakar Rally, independent travelers’ journeys to Nordkapp, athletes participating in the Olympics, and other initiatives that promote Lithuania.
  • We invest in children and youth physical activity initiatives, supporting the triathlon team “BTT,” where kids and teenagers begin their professional sports careers.
  • Our team members volunteer their time to give lectures and seminars, helping young people choose future technology-related professions.
  • We support initiatives that teach programming skills to students still in school.
  • Our team members actively participate in the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union activities.
  • We are attentive and contribute to initiatives that promote Western democratic values. We allow time for our socially active employees to participate in these initiatives. We are proud that our office was the birthplace of the “Freedom Shines” initiative during the first day of the war in Ukraine, which brought tens of thousands of people to the streets in support of Ukraine. Ukraine’s security is our security.
  • We financially support organizations helping Ukraine and employee-initiated relief efforts to assist Ukrainian families.
  • We develop relationships with the Kaunas University of Technology and other educational institutions, sharing best practices and knowledge, accepting students for internships, and creating employment opportunities.

Compliance and general social responsibility standards


We use only electronic documents for service provision.


We use computer equipment compliant with EU EcoLabel, Nordic Swan, Blue Angel, or equivalent standards for service provision.


The data center, where our client's data is stored, uses 100% electricity produced from renewable energy sources (RES).