Modern hardware and software supply

Modern Hardware & Software — Don’t Let Your Equipment Interrupt Your Work.

Reliable business equipment is the lifeblood of any successful operation. Prevent downtime, useless work time and the loss of sensitive data by choosing the right equipment.

Our experts will evaluate your computer, peripherals, networking equipment and software needs to make sure your business is running at maximum efficiency. Don’t rely on outdated, inefficient, and insecure equipment. Instead, build your business on a solid foundation of durable, warranty-protected, reliable, and fast solutions for a favorable price-to-quality ratio.

The Benefits of Skaylink HW & SW Services:

Flexible Configuration and Managed Support

Hardware configuration can be changed to fit your needs — don’t settle for the default option, make it truly yours! And we don’t leave you alone with your new device – Skaylink Managed Workplace services are here to support your employees during the full workplace lifecycle.

Tailored for Businesses

We focus to quality rather than quantity – our Hardware & Software solutions are designed and offered only to business users, includes business support and terms and is offered via agile business ordering process. Yes you can get a new laptop prepared and delivered to your new employee next day!

On the Cutting Edge of Technology

We only work with known and reliable manufacturers that are famous for using durable materials designed for maximum load, travel and shock. Protected by a 36month warranty, we make sure your equipment keeps up with your business.

Success breeds success — don’t let your equipment slow down the growth of your business and cause chaos in your workplace. By working together with Skaylink you make sure the hardware and software of your business are always in perfect balance and working at peak efficiency.