Microservices Consulting

Microservices Consulting — the fastest way to scale your operations

Unlock faster innovation cycles for your business, build applications as independent components using microservices running in containers — all managed by Skaylink

Develop and modernize your IT systems with independent, secure and agile microservices applications — cutting through your planning cycles and reducing cloud-native application delivery times drastically.

Leverage agile and DevOps methodologies such as Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) and our engineers will work side by side with you to address your needs, re-engineer and re-structure your informational systems to architect, deploy and configure the best practices microservice clusters for your business.

Why use Microservices?

Focus on Your Core Business

Don’t rush to upskill your engineers — we’ll make sure your architectural shift is completed flawlessly while your employees focus on your core business tasks.

Increase Resource Efficiency

Properly re-structured architecture and re-engineered applications yield better results. Save your developers time, computing resources and run your operation at maximum efficiency by utilizing microservices.

Rest Easy

Your success is our success — rest easy knowing that your architecture is in expert hands. Our engineers will ensure that your containers run smoothly, are easy to scale and are self-healing in case of an emergency.

Reduce the number of defects, increase efficiency and maintain a competitive edge by utilizing our Microservices Consulting services. With pro-active support, vigilant maintenance and attention to detail — there’s no better, low-risk way to scale your operations.