Have no fear of clicking ‘deploy’ after tweaking your code

Skaylink will not only provide you with fully Managed
GitLab tool set, but will also teach you how to use it most effectively

This is one of our solutions by which we strive to share our passion of DevOps culture with you and your developers’ team. We not only take care on the technical side of GitLab platform so you don’t have to, but also add a handful of additional value services which help you to squeeze the maximum potential and benefits from this sophisticated platform.

Managed GitLab is a open-source full-cycle software development platform equipped with CI/CD, version control, issue tracking and code review features delivered as-a-service on the Skaylink’s managed SaaS platform running in AWS, Azure, GCP or Client’s private cloud. The solution goes together with on-demand pay-as-you-go additional value services, provided by qualified Skaylink DevOps team, including:

  • DevOps hands-on consulting and support for developers
    (Runners, Pipelines, Merging issues etc.)
  • Onboard and support of developers without previous experience in GitLab
  • GitLab’s application management
    (Users, Projects, Groups, Rights assignment, etc.)
  • Implementation and migration from other platforms, PoC’s development solution assessment & planning, etc.

Managed GitLab solution uncovers benefits to your business:

Faster time-to-market with a lower TCO

GitLab will eliminate most time-consuming and repetitive tasks and will make the deployment of business features, updates and changes much faster – from “once in a week” to “dozens or hundreds a day”

More effective Developers and faster response to business changes

Your IT and developers’ team will be able to spend less time on administrative operational activities and focus on innovations and business-driving IT activities.

Better privacy and security of source code, information and business IP

You’ll get better control and security over your source code and your business IP, as well as advanced privacy by getting a private GitLab instance - you won't share anything with other clients.

Less head-ache and less downtime for developers

Skaylink will provide you with 24x7 monitored, always up-to-date, secure, high-performance, and high-availability platform, so that your development would never need to stop.

True Story

Software development company, running around 15 parallel projects at a time, being delivered by more than 30 in-house developers in several different countries plus varying number of remote freelancers. Our Skaylink team has been to structure development process, migrate it to Managed GitLab and onboard to DevOps methods.

Client has been mostly impacted by increased source code security, better development process control, and better quality of the deliverables.

CEO’s feedback on the results: “Centralized user, access, secrets and CI/CD management – everything managed by Skaylink DevOps team according to confirmed procedures and RACI”

Let us support you through your

DevOps journey towards the higher speed in your business time-to-market, application delivery, and operational efficiency with security and compliance in mind.

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