Lift-and-Shift Migration to AWS or Azure

Lift-and-Shift Migration to AWS or Azure — Your First Step Towards Digital Transformation

Keep your applications running with minimal changes and disruption by implementing a lift-and-shift migration strategy. No upfront code refactoring, no need to re-architecture your applications — just a quick and painless migration to AWS or Azure.

Certified Skaylink engineers will take charge of the migration process and will move your data and applications from an on-premises location to Azure or AWS-based virtual machines in the Cloud. Quickly reduce your on-premise infrastructure cost, minimize your dependencies on datacenters and quickly improve gaps in security or legacy tech through lift-and-shift migration to AWS or Azure.

The Lift-and-Shift Migration Process:


Our engineers will provide you with an in-depth assessment of current application workloads, integrations, data and in and out connections.


Using the lift-and-shift methodology we’ll select the right tools and practices, offering you a concrete migration plan that includes our methodologies, estimated costs, and a delivery timeline. We’ll also consider using containerization to reduce dependencies and improve performance.

Migrating & Recommendations

We’ll execute the lift-and-shift migration plan to AWS or Azure through manual or automated lift-and-shift migration. To guarantee a seamless go-live event, we’ll be conducting extensive testing every step of the way. Once successfully migrated, we’ll prepare further recommendations — ensuring your business gets the most benefits from AWS or Azure Cloud platforms.

Benefits of Lift-and-Shift Migration

Quick & Painless

Move away from legacy on-premise infrastructure and quickly modernize your applications by moving them to the AWS or Azure Cloud platforms — quick and easy. The on-premises applications can remain in place during the migration so that there’s no interruption of service, and the applications experience remains identical to users.

Reduce Costs

Scale your applications horizontally and optimize performance through robust Cloud tools. Pay only for what you use with no hardware or licensing, saving substantial costs while benefiting from the scale, performance, and security of the cloud.

Modernize Effectively

Take advantage of faster response and higher uptime for your users all around the world. Once your applications and data are on AWS or Azure, leverage cloud-native services and capabilities to more easily and effectively replatform, repurchase, or refactor.

Once on AWS or Azure, you unlock almost limitless possibilities to modernize, refactor or rearchitect application elements.