Security IN the Cloud

Security IN the Cloud — Stop Breaches Before They Happen

Cloud providers do their best to build a secure foundation for you to thrive. But, it’s your responsibility to keep that security intact and build smart.

Cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, GCS and others have industry-leading data center infrastructure with top-notch physical security measures. These companies spend extensive resources on developing custom security-oriented silicon and fixing any potential security issues that they might encounter with third-party vendors. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about security in the cloud — cloud service providers are doing their part. Are you?

Cloud security is a shared responsibility, let us help you understand and properly address your security responsibilities.

Don’t let security in the cloud be an afterthought.

The Public Cloud is a public place and proper safeguards and rules need to be in place to stop any unwanted breaches and leaks. Let’s work together to implement industry-wide best practices that will keep your private information confidential. We’ll teach you to work with Cloud security in mind at every step of the way.

Cloud infrastructure is not just another colocation provider.

Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk, your infrastructure, once its in the Cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world – your all data and infrastructure is out there in the public by default. We’ll help you treat it this way and set up proper data encryption, identity and access controls as well as auditing and logging policies so that you can sleep better at night.

Don’t let misconfiguration take you down.

Cloud service vendors want you to use their services globally, which means they won’t stop you from making mistakes and opening up your data to the whole internet. However, Skaylink engineers will help you properly configure your services — allowing you to take advantage of the flexibility the Cloud has to offer, without opening up more potential attack vectors.

Your solution in the cloud is as secure as you make it — don’t risk your and your customer's data, build the right way.