Hybrid and Multi-cloud Strategy

Hybrid & Multicloud: a unified and simpler strategy to drive real results

Use our Hybrid & Multicloud strategies to leverage the power of public and private cloud infrastructure, with the benefits of both and the downsides of none.

Not everything should go public — increase your security and exposure by storing crucial data in on-premise data centers while running a significant part of your workload utilizing the almost unlimited resources of cutting-edge public cloud infrastructure.

The combination of public & private cloud usage really allows you to have it all. Integrate the data and storage management solutions from the world’s leading cloud providers like AWS, Azure, or Google to diversify and run your e-mail, document, web application, or data storing needs while keeping your most essential files on-premise.


Data Protection

Guarantee availability and business continuity by quickly backing up and recovering data through the use of location diversity. Save money by moving secondary storage workloads from on-prem data centers too much cheaper cloud infrastructure

Scalability & Development

The “Pay-as-You-Grow” model of public cloud providers ensures almost unlimited scalability and contributes to the resource usage needed to deliver new applications, improve customer experience and accelerate the pace of innovation.

Pick & Choose

No compromises, build your business the way you want it — pick and choose different services from the world’s leading cloud providers to create a custom-tailored solution that fits your needs best.

Our Hybrid & Multicloud solutions offer you a single, consistent environment and centralized management system that you’ll be able to access on-premise and in the cloud.