Cloud Native CI/CD

Cloud Native CI/CD Practices — Cut out hours of manual labor and automate your deployment.

Continuous Integration (CI) will allow your engineers to seamlessly implement small changes and keep in charge of product version control, while Continuous Delivery (CD) automates the build process — allowing you to stay in control and instantly introduce your features to market.

Use a CI/CD pipeline to automatically submit, build, test, and deploy your projects — minimizing risk and increasing the quality of work you deliver. An efficient, cloud-native CI/CD pipeline will shave off hours of manual labor and will never let mistakes ruin your product launch. If at any stage in the pipeline, test results indicate a mistake and your project does not pass the quality standards you’ve set — the automation stops any builds or releases from making it to the production environment.

Here at Skaylink, we implement top-of-the-line, industry-leading products such as GitLab, Azure Repos, AWS CodeCommit, Azure Pipelines (Build), AWS CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, Azure Pipelines (Release), and more.

The Benefits of a CI/CD Pipeline

Improved Security & Time to Market

Instead of spending 4-6 hours manually deploying and double-checking your code, use a CI/CD pipeline and get it done within 10-15mins with fewer security and compliance vulnerabilities. Plus, once your software is refactored and prepared for cloud-native services (instead of monolithic inert monster), you can have your features built in few days instead of few months.

Scale & Protect

Don’t allow depreciating hardware to disrupt your progress. Here at Skaylink, you only pay for actual resource usage — allowing you to laser focus on your goals and plan accordingly.

Work With Transparency

Have 24/7 access to our specialists who know every in and out of the infrastructure you’re using. With certified experts at your side — troubleshooting couldn’t be easier.

Use your time when it really matters, reduce the number of errors and mistakes in your daily development flow by using an efficient CI/CD setup.