DevSecOps — Build Software Faster Without Compromising Security

Achieve an unparalleled level of enterprise security without slowing down your development teams — adapt to the rapidly changing needs of your business faster and securely through DevSecOps.

It’s time to expand on the DevOps mindset and delve into the robust world of DevSecOps, where security is built into every part of the process. Facilitate flexible and improved collaboration between security teams and your engineers to guarantee all the loopholes and vulnerabilities are identified at an early stage of development.

We’ll help you implement a new mindset, that everyone’s responsible for security, and it should not be treated as some kind of afterthought. We’ll uncover your vulnerabilities, look for weaknesses and work with you to implement remediation actions instead of simply delivering a long list of problems for you to solve on your own.

If further required, together with “Syntricks — experts of Red Team Operations, we will perform deep cybersecurity testing of your current AWS/Azure and application environments and implement cybersecurity practices into development and operations.

Let us help you to shift your software teams to the next level, from DevOps to DevSecOps — enabling security teams to have influence & improve the security of applications within your current CI/CD pipelines.

Benefits of DevSecOps

Substantial Increase in Security & Compliance

Eliminate threats at an extremely early stage through continuous security and vulnerability assessments powered by advanced security tools and practices. In addition, ensuring complete compliance and regulations at every stage of development.

Robust DDoS Protection

Achieve 360-degree assessment and analysis of your security. Improve your security infrastructure through DDoS protection, shielding your business from outside threats.

Improved Developer Productivity

Fewer bugs, faster communication, and fewer headaches for the developers mean faster development cycles and improved quality of code.

Faster Time-to-Market

Ensure unparalleled quality on a consistent basis by responding to incidents, bugs and roadblocks on time. Launch your products confidently, knowing no security incidents will interfere with your user experience.

The best time to fix security bugs is before they’re checked in — start developing with DevSecOps in mind.