Well-Architected Framework — the blueprint for building secure, high-performing, and resilient cloud solutions

Design your cloud journey with confidence — ensuring your cloud solutions are resilient and secure with cloud Well-Architected Framework (WAF).

The Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is a set of best practices and guidelines that help organizations, SMBs, developers and cloud architects make informed decisions about their cloud architecture — ensuring that their solutions are designed and implemented with security, reliability, and scalability in mind.

Developed by biggest Cloud providers, such as Microsoft, AWS and Google, it provides recommendations and describes best practices to help architects, developers, administrators, and other cloud practitioners design and operate a cloud topology that’s secure, efficient, resilient, high-performing, and cost-effective.

For Skaylink CloudOps and DevOps teams, Well-Architected Framework is core foundation on which we base our services. Combining to our own 15+ years of experience and lessons learned, we use Well-Architected Framework as the core methodology in any Cloud architecture design, optimization, daily cloud infrastructure management, and improvement service we provide to our clients.

5 Pillars of Azure’s Well-Architected Framework:

Operational Excellence

We run and maintain cloud solutions in a predictable and efficient manner by implementing monitoring, automation and incident management practices.


We protect your data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud through careful identity and access management systems, network security practices and data encryption.


We help you to quickly recover from failures and maintain unparalleled availability. Take full advantage of disaster recovery tools as well as best backup and restore practices.

Performance Efficiency:

WAF and our experienced engineers allow you to meet performance requirements while minimizing costs through load balancing, auto-scaling and storage optimization for your Cloud applications.

Cost Optimization:

Run only what you need! We reduce waste and redundancy in the Cloud by implementing reserved instances, tagging, and rightsizing practices.

Already have workloads in the cloud and you’re looking to improve your performance and lower costs or you’re building new solutions utilizing clear architecture guidance? Then Skaylink and WAF is the gateway to your success!

How can organizations use the Azure Well-Architected Framework?

  1. Understand the business requirements and objectives of your Cloud solutions.
  2. Use the framework’s best practices and guidelines to design and implement solutions.
  3. Review the solution to ensure that it meets the requirements of the framework.
  4. Continuously monitor and improve your solutions as new technologies and best practices become available.

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