AWS migration

AWS Migration — Unlock Limitless Possibilities

Achieve a more agile, secure, and scalable infrastructure with AWS. Avoid common roadblocks that cause cloud adoption failures before they even start by choosing Skaylink as your AWS migration partner.

Improve your productivity, gain unprecedented operational resilience, and increase business agility by moving to AWS. Skaylink will quickly migrate your applications, data, and architecture to AWS while taking charge of your cloud strategy and addressing key security, compliance, and disaster recovery goals.

As one of the first AWS Advanced Consulting Partners in Germany (2014) and Lithuania (2020) as well as the first partner with AWS security expertise in German-speaking countries (since 2019), we have continuously deepened our collaboration with AWS. Today, Skaylink has over 20 AWS Professional and Security certifications and 70 AWS Associate certifications. More certifications are already in the works. We use this expertise to provide innovative and scalable solutions for more than 700 clients.

Cloud Migration Benefits

Reduced Operating Costs

Save time and money by moving to the cloud the right way. Through proper configuration and optimization, we typically decrease our customers’ AWS or Azure monthly bills by up to 30%. Further rearchitecting and refactoring of the application add up to 40% of additional savings.

Increased Security

Moving to the cloud helps you design cost-effective ways of mitigating risk of cyber-attacks. Take advantage of built-in cloud-native security tools that are specifically designed for various cloud environments. By bundling these security practices into your design and deployment process, you can effectively simplify and secure your development environment.

Improved Scalability

Increase your network, data, and security horizontal scalability (scale-out / scale-in) and performance optimization potential. Once in the cloud, our experts will help you to modernize, re-architect your business applications and leverage the containerization and cloud services to provide significant benefits to your business.

Streamlined AWS Migration Process Based on AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

Envision & Assessment

Our engineers will assess current application workloads, integrations, connections in and out of the application, and its data. Providing you with an in-depth assessment of your environment and app dependencies.

Align, Plan & Test

We’ll select the right AWS migration strategy & tools, offering you a concrete migration plan that includes our methodologies, estimated costs, and a delivery timeline. Before migrating, we’ll prepare the AWS infrastructure and test the proposed configurations. Then we’ll help you gain experience by migrating pilot workloads.

Launch, Migrate & Recommend Scaling

We’ll execute the AWS migration plan through manual or automated lift-and-shift migration. To guarantee a seamless go-live event, we’ll be conducting extensive testing every step of the way. Once successfully migrated, we’ll prepare further recommendations — ensuring your business gets the most benefits from AWS.

IMPORTANT! If you are a new business or start-up, some of your expenses for the above-mentioned services and resources might be covered by AWS! Contact us to learn if you are eligible.

Increase your productivity, lower operational costs, and minimize unplanned downtime by choosing Skaylink as your agile and cost-effective AWS migration partner.