Cloud Architect Advisory

Cloud Architect Advisory Services — Let us Plan, Design & Optimize Your Cloud

Not sure which cloud platform to choose and how to migrate? Don’t worry, achieve a resilient, scalable, and secure cloud environment together with Skaylink!

We’ll help your business run efficiently by planning out your cloud computing strategy the right way. With security, flexibility, and compatibility in mind — there’s no better way to guarantee a successful cloud environment.

Any cloud questions you might have, we’re here to help. So, relieve the operational burden of cloud planning and deployment — share the responsibility and workload with Skaylink Cloud engineers!

How does it work?

Analysis & Evaluation

Skaylink engineers will conduct a thorough analysis of your existing IT assets and determine which cloud solutions fit your existing IT architecture the best. Our goal is to communicate and collaborate to find out your business case objectives and tailor cloud solutions for those specific business cases.


We’ll recommend what we believe to be the best cloud platform for your business together with architectural solutions that will help you optimize your resources, cost, reliability, and security of your cloud environment and the applications within.

Planning & Budgeting

Our engineers can take charge of planning, coordinating, and adapting cloud strategies to fit your business, helping you better understand cloud migration budgets and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ongoing Support

We never leave you in the dark — you are not left alone after the migration to Cloud. Our specialists can help restructure your management strategies to provide ease of use and support for your developers and end users. We’ll also step in to help translate the communication between business decision-makers, developers, and DevOps engineers.

We build relationships based on trust. Our transparent planning and implementation of cloud solutions have just one goal — to help you create a successful cloud environment for your business. Let’s connect! Our email