CI/CD Practice Implementation

CI/CD Practice Implementation — Stop building your software with an axe and hammer

Let experienced and certified Cloud experts implement an end-to-end CI/CD Pipeline into your business. Spend less time debugging and more time building.

Here at Skaylink, we implement top-notch, industry-leading development suits such as GitLab, AWS or Azure DevOps, CloudFormation, TerraformTerraform, and much more to make sure your CI/CD Pipeline follows the best practices and achieves a higher standard of quality for your products.

Build, test and deploy faster than ever before. Stay in control with a well-configured and automated CI/CD Pipeline.

How does it work?


Our engineers will assess the current development process and tools
used by your development and operations teams.
If you outsource your development
to third-party, no worries – we know how to work
well with both in-house and/or outsourced development teams.


We’ll introduce best-practice CI/CD processes and tools, create case-by-case customizations to accommodate special needs, and make sure every tool and process created perfectly aligns with the goals of your organization.


Our goal is to keep you in control. So, we’ll make sure to onboard your developers — allowing them to implement small changes, check in code to version control repositories, integrate and validate code changes of different platforms. Whenever our help is needed, we’ll be quick to react and provide hands-on support in any phase of the development cycle.


After your CI/CD Pipeline is set up and your development team is in control, we’ll migrate all of your legacy builds & release configurations from platforms like Jenkins, Teamcity, or others to Gitlab, AWS or Azure DevOps pipelines.

After we lift your development to a new level, we’ll continue being there for you. You will not be left alone with the new process and tool set, we’ll operate it for you and proceed supporting your developers with the Managed DevOps services that are tailored for your better-performing development team.

Selected between AWS DevOps or Azure DevOps platforms or run a hybrid and skyrocket your productivity.