Data Security & Business Continuity

Data Security & Business Continuity

The success of your business hinges on the availability, reliability, and confidentiality of business information and technology you use to store, process and transfer it. So don’t just rely on odds fail-proof your tech instead.

Skaylink engineers will make sure that your business-critical data is never lost or compromised by implementing years of experience and practice in foreseeing future disaster scenarios. And, with enough preparation in advance, we’ll help you mitigate two of the biggest risks to your business — data loss and data leak (GDPR).

We coordinate all data security & business continuity procedures in advance. So, in an event of an emergency, these procedures can be executed at a moment’s notice — making sure your business continues to operate with as little disturbance as possible.

Skaylink’s data security & business continuity plans can be set up for anyone who uses the Skaylink Cloud Platform, a public Cloud Service or even stores data at an on-premise location.

Choose from 3 risk tolerance levels

Zero-Risk Tolerance Plan

Restore your business operations almost instantly through active site mirroring, continuous data replication and backups. We’ll make sure that your critical applications are online no matter what by setting up a private cloud infrastructure in a secondary data center or a public Cloud instance. A high-Availability solution lets your business stay online on all occasions.

Low-Risk Tolerance Plan

Restore your data and applications in real time. We’ll back-up your data and systems periodically — creating the ability to restore data of any previously collected synchronization point. This solution is best tailored to organizations that can afford to experience a couple of hours of downtime.

Moderate-Risk Tolerance Plan

Don’t need 24/7 data and application availability, but want to make sure nothing gets lost and is available when needed? We’ll make sure to create a disaster recovery site, where we’ll store your data and applications. Best suited for organizations that don’t require constant data and application availability.

Don’t stake your reputation and financial well-being on chance — hope for the best but prepare for the worst.