AWS management

Our AWS CloudOps Experts are Committed to Your Success

Earn more, spend less, and sleep better by allowing us to manage your AWS cloud needs.

Skaylink is an Advanced Consulting Partner with multiple AWS Competencies — our AWS-certified engineers will help you plan, migrate, modernize and manage your business with ease.

Our AWS management services allow you to use the world-renowned Cloud platform and effortlessly expand infrastructure as your business grows. At the same time, reduce your operation costs by employing a pay-as-you-use monetization model.

Sleep better knowing your data is stored in a reliable and secure global Cloud infrastructure while our AWS-certified engineers take care of your day-to-day Cloud operations — introducing architectural efficiencies and maximizing your ROI.

As one of the first AWS Advanced Consulting Partners in Germany (2014) and Lithuania (2020) as well as the first partner with AWS security expertise in German-speaking countries (since 2019), we have continuously deepened our collaboration with AWS. Today, Skaylink has over 20 AWS Professional and Security certifications and 70 AWS Associate certifications. More certifications are already in the works. We use this expertise to provide innovative and scalable solutions for more than 700 clients.

AWS Management Services Include: Based on AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF)

Service Monitoring

– Setup Performance Monitors
– Create Availability Alerts
– AWS Service Monitoring
– Establish Escalation Procedures

Technical Support

– Diagnose Service Issues
– Recommend Remediations
– Standardized Runbooks
– Corrective Maintenance
– Performance testing and tuning

Incident Management

– Provide Service Desk – incident
– MGT System
– Manage Incident Lifecycles
– Formal Incident Analysis
– Resolve According to SLA

Managed Backups

– Create a Backup Plan
– Schedule Backups
– Perform Data Recovery
– Manage Retention

System Maintenance

– OS Patching
– AWS Scheduled Events
– Platform Updates
– Change Management
– Procedures

Account Configuration

– Access Management
– Billing Management
– Networking Management
– Best Practice Cloud

Enhanced Security IN the Cloud

– SSL Cert Management
– Enabled Auditing Tools
– Identity & Access Management
– Client & Server-Side Security
– Platform & Application Security
– Network Traffic Routing & Management
– Network Traffic Protection
– Data Security & Confidentiality”

The Benefits of AWS Management Services:

Reduced Operation Costs

Work with us to optimize your AWS instances and control cloud costs. Our AWS-certified experts will continuously monitor your AWS environment to identify unused or duplicate resources that are adding up to your bill.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

With the know-how of our AWS Architects, CloudOps, and DevOps experts as well as top-notch automation tools we use, we’ll continuously monitor and fine-tune the overall security and compliance of your AWS infrastructure. We’re able to process more than 600+ best practice checks, security, and availability across your cloud environment.

AWS-Certified Expertise

Don’t worry about attracting and retaining AWS talent. Our AWS-certified engineers will take care of your day-to-day AWS operations and help you on your cloud journey every step of the way.

Focus on the core business of your organization rather than on infrastructure management and enjoy expert AWS guidance at every step of your cloud journey.