Do you feel your Cloud infrastructure is overdue for a pit stop?

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Cloud Check-Up

Your cloud environment is constantly changing, expanding, and adapting to the growth of your business operation, potentially generating some gaps in your cloud security or performance measures. Delivered by our CloudOps and DevOps experts specializing in deploying and running enterprise-grade multi-cloud, our Cloud Check-Up service discovers and addresses these issues.

Via a series of deep dive architecture reviews session based on AWS Well-Architected Reviews frameworks, our team of cloud experts will perform periodical reviews tailored to your business needs. Detail plans with appropriate resolving actions to mitigate existing architecture issues will then be developed and executed accordingly to maintain a secure, resilient and efficient environment for your workloads.

Cloud Check-Up is a detailed assessment of your cloud infrastructure, designed to pinpoint optimization opportunities, security vulnerabilities and document shared objectives.

Cloud Check-Up benefits your business by:


Get a detailed professional analysis of where your money is going. Pinpoint wasted resources and optimize your AWS or Azure environments.


A cloud cost optimization report starts by identifying unused and completely unattached resources and recommends fixes, so you can quickly reduce costs.


We will perform a gap analysis with more than 600 Best Practice Checks to reduce risk, identify security vulnerabilities, and remediate compliance (e.g. ISO27000, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, etc.) breaks.


Turn findings into savings. We’ll analyze your past usage and generate a report that helps you save well into the future. Reserved Instance savings can reach up to 75%, so this is a must for cloud cost optimization.

Use your cloud data to reveal opportunities to correct overspending, identify security and compliance vulnerabilities, and plan for future resource needs and expenditures.

Check – read-only, nondisruptive way we perform the assessment

The Cloud Check Up is run by our most experienced CloudOps – you just need to give them read-only access to your AWS or Azure cloud account. You will not have any interruptions of service, performance strains, or security vulnerabilities, but your cloud data will reveal amazing opportunities to avoid overspending, increase security and minimize compliance vulnerabilities. We’ll help you to plan for future resource needs and expenditures.

“Getting a regular checkup on your cloud infrastructure has many benefits for your business. We provide you with a detailed report with all needed data for you to gain total visibility into your cloud. Any vulnerability could lead to failures that affect your business. It’s important to get ahead of these issues. Based on AWS Well-Architected Reviews frameworks, our team of cloud experts exposes all the issues you have and instantly remedies them. The top three benefits cloud checkup provides include saving on cost by pinpointing wasted resources and highlighting re-sizing opportunities.

Identifying opportunities to better configure your infrastructure to mitigate vulnerability issues and risks. And evaluating your infrastructure across multiple checkpoints to make sure you are in accordance with the compliance standards. Even if you try to stay on top of your operations, slip-ups can happen. A Checkup pinpoints issues before they escalate and cause failures for your cloud and your future growth.”

Domynykas Palšis
Skaylink Sales Team Lead

Get Free AWS or Azure Cloud Check-up worth 3000 EUR!

Our experienced CloudOps will reveal unique opportunities for:

  • Cost Optimization
  • Health & Best Practices implementation
  • Security Improvements

Let us uncover opportunities to reduce spend, improve security, identify compliance gaps and enhance cloud visibility and management.

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