BTT Armour — Security Without Compromise.

Increase the organization’s level of security without changing the way you work.

BTT Armour is a managed security service for those who want to implement a multi-layered security model that includes user and identity security, device compliance and management, enhanced email and M365 application protection together with its sensitive information leakage prevention.

BTT Armour combines the essential elements of identifying and preventing security vulnerabilities with the ongoing maintenance of the M365 environment — allowing customers to be worry-free about the software and data security.

BTT Armour managed security services include:

Information Security Risk Assessment
Security Control Implementation
Risk Management & Safety Modernization
Security Oversight & Reporting

BTT Armour — is unique security managed service, the only one of its kind in the Baltic States.

We are proud to have created a relevant and effective package of security services, which has already been tested, well appreciated, and successfully used by our customers.

BTT Armour can help you:

Maintain a higher level of security.

Enable remote workplace security.

Reduce GDPR compliance risks.

Maintain the balance between data security and user-friendliness.

BTT Armour plans

BTT Armour Basic service is relevant for companies that want to give full management of email, users and their identities, file storage, and document sharing security to their IT partners.

BTT Armour Premium is best suited for companies looking to deploy a multi-layered security model that includes user and identity security, device compliance and management, also enhanced business class mail protection and data security, including all BTT Armour Basic functions.

User and group administration
Email and calendar management
File storage and document sharing management:

- Ensuring secure file sharing with external contacts (guest privileges, secure links, verification codes)
- Management of internal and external users' access to company information
- Computers files synchronization with the cloud
- Data recovery / deletion (as required, depending on Microsoft tools and capabilities)

Security and compliance support:

- Email protection against spam, malware and known threats
- Appropriate password policy implementation
- Continuous updating of Office applications (depending on the capabilities of the M365 plan)
- Enable audit logging of user activity logs
- Activate and ensure Multi-factor authentication
- Activate and ensure single sign on (SSO)
- Authorization of Microsoft Teams guests or external users

PC and mobile device management:

- Configure security features and settings on Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices - Prepare and activate AutoPilot for automatic Office installation and updates
- Develop and implement a security strategy to protect business data on all devices, including iOS, Android®, and Windows PCs
- PC and mobile device management and maintenance

Advanced threat protection management:

- Activating and maintaining protection against sophisticated threats hidden in email attachments and links
- Enable remote wipe to prevent data leakage on a lost or stolen device
- Control who has access to company information by applying restrictions like do not copy and do not forward (labels)
- Enable unlimited cloud archive and long-term preservation policies to ensure you never lose an email with Exchange Online Archiving
- Enforce malware protection to help keep your Windows 10 devices safe from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software with Windows Defender
- Enable Bitlocker protection against unauthorized access to files and folders on computers
- Activate Conditional access policy to restrict access from devices that do not meet company requirements: not connected to a domain, not using MFA, IP address not allowed, etc.

Inform about the current security status of the company and provide a detailed report
Increasing and maintaining the Security Score:

- Preparation of a technical implementation plan to increase safety
- Implementation project
- Continuous monitoring of the M365 environment, systematic modernization of developed policies
- Presentation of security incident reports

The choice of BTT Armour plan depends on the functionality of your existing or planned to buy Microsoft 365 plan

M365 Basic; M365 Standard, O365 E1 or up

M365 Premium, M365 Basic + Enterprise Mobility + Security E3


"BTT Cloud have been a great strategic partner to us over the last couple of years. We have engaged with them on a number of projects and have always found them knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile – highly recommended!”

– IT manager Rolandas Dirgela, Magnetic MRO

"In order to go to market, we needed to be confident, that our internal IT maintenance would not be interrupted, and first thing was to find local reliable vendor, who could offer us IAAS and other comprehensive IT services. Moreover we needed Software as a service integrated with security, and compliance already. Gladly, on top of that we experienced that Armour securing cloud environments made it the best choice.“

– CSO Rokas Muraška, Paystrax

BTT Armour is one of the first managed security services packaged offers in the Baltics built on Microsoft 365 technology. We see great value of such managed security services offered by our partners, especially in the small and medium business segment, where in many cases there is a lack of IT resources to ensure security and data protection.”

– Simonas Černiauskas, General Manager at Microsoft Lithuania

Does the service relevant to us?

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What is important for small and midsize businesses?


of SMBs say that cybersecurity is within their top five priorities for their organization.


of SMBs plan to invest to invest significantly more in cybersecurity over the next 12 months.


are worried about the vulnerabilities of remote workplaces


over half of SMBs surveyed agree they lack the in-house skills necessary to properly deal with security issues, and 57% report lacking cybersecurity-specific experts in their organization


say that they would consider either using or moving to a new MSP if they offered the “right” managed security solution package

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