Modern Workplace management

Stay Ahead of the Game & Keep Your Workplace Modern

Looking for improvement in productivity, employee well-being and results? Modernize your workplace and keep it up-to-date together with Skaylink.

Digitize your workplace, make it mobile, keep it secure and provide your employees with stable workstations that work together seamlessly with any peripheral device you need. And to make sure you’re always ahead of the competition, our engineers will not only ensure your workplace becomes modern, but it STAYS modern through continuous maintenance.

Modern Workplace Care Services

Equipment Maintenance

Currently, Skaylink manages more than 6900 computerized workplaces in Lithuania and other Baltic, Nordic and Central Europe countries. We maintain client desktop, laptop, and peripheral devices as well as various software.

Our main goal is to ensure that all equipment needed for operations is always working in a stable and uninterrupted manner. To ensure this, we’ll allocate a specialized Service Manager that will assist and advise you in managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Solve problems, anticipate risks, and organize large systemic changes together with your personal Service Manager.

Services include:

Proactive maintenance of computerized workstations & peripheral devices.

Workplace preparations for new employees.

Troubleshooting services.

Service Manager specific, software configuration and other services.

Technical account manager support

Other services as You wish

Software Management

Don’t let your software slow you down, we’ll order and maintain necessary software licenses and reduce the risk of losing confidential or financial information. In addition, we’ll keep track of unused software to help you reduce costs!

Services include:

Managing software inventory

Installing & uninstalling software

Preparing, ordering, and renewing software licenses

Configuring software to help your employees work efficiently

Troubleshooting software problems

Operating Equipment Management

Certified and professional Windows and Linux technicians install and configure operating systems on client servers using best practices.

Services include:

Installing and optimizing operating systems

Implementing changes and features

Ensuring manufacturer operating system support, monitoring and installing updates

24/7 maintenance and support

Productivity and Collaboration Solutions

Enable your team to organize their work smoothly and efficiently together with Microsoft M365 and O365 software packages.

Skaylink is a Microsoft Gold Partner for almost all MPN competencies and were the first FastTrack partner in Europe — this guarantees our more than 150 certified Microsoft experts can provide the highest quality services. We’ll help you install the software you need and train your staff to maximize it to its full potential.

Key Office 365 software for businesses and organizations
Microsoft Teams

Online meetings, video calls, secure chats and documents all in one place.


A safe way to share important organizational documents, get comments, edit and complete them together.

Microsoft Outlook

A convenient e-mail tool with the ability to efficiently schedule teamwork, reserve meeting rooms, keep track of colleagues' calendars, and more.

One Drive

Software for storing and sharing files. An extremely convenient way to securely share files with external contacts and access them remotely.

Security and Compliance

The software allows you to create information access policies that require users to reset passwords that restrict external logging, and so on.


A well-organized data retention policy helps organizations avoid major problems and loss of vital data. Backups protect strategically important information from intentional data destruction or force majeure in cases of technical failure.

Services Include:

Periodic Data Copies & Integrity Assurance

Data Recovery

Data Access Management

Data Backup Storage

Data Security & Confidentiality Solutions

Workplace Security Practices

We help clients to form workplace access policies inside and outside the office. We create password management and equipment access policies, provide firewall and VPN management services.

Services Include:

Rulemaking & Testing

Firewall Updates

Installing & Configuring Partial Updates

Backups & Recovery

Security & Strategic Network Planning

Loophole Prevention

24/7 Help & Support

Empower your employees so they can work faster & worry less together with Skaylink.