Cloud Adoption Framework — Your roadmap to a secure and reliable Cloud environment

Empower the Cloud journey of your organization and streamline Cloud adoption with the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a comprehensive method for organizations to adopt and optimize their use of Cloud services. Developed by biggest Cloud providers, such as Microsoft, AWS and Google, it provides a set of best practices, guidelines, and tools that help organizations to make informed decisions about their Cloud strategy and ensure that their solutions are secure, reliable, and scalable.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the benefits of the Cloud or you’re looking to optimize an existing Cloud environment — CAF can help you assess your organization’s current environment or navigate ongoing management and optimization of new Cloud solutions.

Who can take advantage of Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) provided benefits?


Enterprise organizations


Small and medium-sized businesses


Developers & Cloud architects


Managed Services Providers – such as Skaylink

The Cloud Adoption Framework is aimed at anyone who is involved in the design, implementation or management of cloud solutions and wants to ensure that their solutions are reliable, cost-effective, scalable and utilize the best security practices.

In Skaylink we use Cloud Adoption Framework as the core methodology in any Cloud migration project we perform to our clients. We do this to make sure the migration project is successful and tangible benefits are unfolded to businesses quick after the successful migration.

The Cloud Adoption Framework is divided into six phases:


Preparation is key!
We help you to understand the organization's current environment, identify the business requirements, and define a Cloud adoption strategy.


Leave no room for error! We help you to plan and design cloud solutions — we develop Your migration plan for a seamless transition.


Work with utmost precision! We execute Your migration plan and transfer applications, data and workloads to the Cloud.


Learn to stay safe! We secure the recently transferred information and protect Your Cloud environment through best-practice-based data, application, infrastructure, and workload security practices.


Discover the gaps in your Cloud and fill them in! We optimize Your Cloud environment to achieve improved performance and lower the costs of your workloads and applications. Replatforming and/or refactoring is typically the next step after any lift-and-shift migration to unfold tangible Cloud benefits.


We keep an eye out for improvements and manage your Cloud solutions through vigilant monitoring. Get ahead of incidents and compliance issues by implementing a robust monitoring system.

CAF is continuously updated to reflect new technologies and best practices, ensuring that customers are always up-to-date with the latest developments in cloud adoption.

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The Cloud Adoption Framework provides a set of tools and resources — allowing enterprises or architects to review their Cloud solutions and identify areas for improvement.