Network development and support

Network Development & Support — Optimize Your Network

Don’t go through the trouble of hiring and managing your own IT department, allow us to take care of all IT infrastructure needs of your business.

Exponentially increasing number of mobile devices, network-attached office appliances and dynamic Wi-Fi networks brings new network reliability and security challenges for organizations. While enterprises have the luxury and capacity of big in-house IT professionals to design and manage constantly growing and changing networks, medium and small businesses often lack the staff and budgets to optimize and manage networks. This is where Skaylink comes with the helping hand.

Skaylink guarantees maximum connectivity by constantly maintaining and updating software that controls your network devices. Our engineers will review and analyze your network load statistics to recommend optimal load balancing — reducing the number of errors.

Skaylink Managed Network Services:

Network Implementation

Get your network set up right, the first time

Network Planning & Optimization

We create, design and optimize complex data engineering designs for faster rollouts and better experience for your employees

Remote & On-Site Engineering Support

Enhanced and end-to-end field support services to keep networks running

Network Engineering & Consulting

Best practices-based data networks from Local Area Networks (LAN), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to Wireless Networks (WLAN)

Network Migration & Support Services

Accelerating data network modernization and cost reduction by professional equipment decommissioning and replacement

Network Operations and Analytics

Improvement in your network operations and data transfer experience

Let us bring a power and scalability to your networks for the connected future.