Don't get caught with your code down — use Black Duck

Unleash the power of the open source.
Stay compliant and secure with the help of Black Duck.

Black Duck provides automated vulnerability scanning and remediation, license compliance tracking and reporting, integration with development tools and platforms, and customizable policies and controls for risk management.

Skaylink helps developers by embedding Black Duck security solutions into the DevOps process so that application security would be an integral part of DevSecOps rather than some afterthought.

Who is it for?

Black Duck is designed for DevOps engineers and development teams who want to ensure the security and compliance of their open-source software. It’s also beneficial for IT leaders and security teams who need to manage risk across their organization’s open-source usage.

Black Duck Features

  • Comprehensive open-source inventory management
  • Automated vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • License compliance tracking and reporting
  • Integration with popular development tools and platforms
  • Customizable policies and controls for risk management

How does it work?

Black Duck scans your codebase and creates an inventory of all open-source components used in your applications. It then checks for known vulnerabilities and potential license compliance issues and provides a detailed report of any issues found. The solution also integrates with popular development tools, such as Jenkins and Jira, to provide automated remediation and alerting capabilities.

Hub Detect Capability:

Black Duck’s Hub Detect capability allows for efficient and effective management of open-source software. It scans for open-source components in containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native environments to give visibility into open-source usage across your entire organization. This includes automated vulnerability scanning and license compliance checking for all open-source components in use, including those that are not yet included in your codebase. It allows you to identify potential vulnerabilities and compliance issues in real time and take immediate action!

Black Duck means open source — not open season for vulnerabilities.

Black Duck offers a range of customizable policies and controls, so you can set your risk management standards and ensure that your organization's open-source usage is in compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

Don't waste time and resources on learning how to manage BlackDuck - let Skaylink do that and focus on turning the green light on your vulnerabilities or zero-trust dashboard.