May 08, 2020

Rokas Muraška: they know what to do!

The innovative financial technology company Paystra has recently started its operations in Lithuania. The company provides electronic payment services to businesses throughout Europe.

At the beginning of the activity, it was decided to entrust all the maintenance of the IT infrastructure to professionals.

“We selected from well-known and recommended companies providing IT maintenance services in Lithuania. We were looking for a partner who would not only carry out our tasks, but also take the initiative to improve our existing IT infrastructure both from an IT security perspective and in terms of operational assurance, ” says Rokas Muraška, Chief Security Officer at Paystra.

According to him, the payment company Paystra was looking for a partner who would have experience in providing comprehensive IT services, a good reputation in the market, good recommendations from other clients, professional, knowledgeable professionals who could be entrusted with their entire IT infrastructure.

“Both I and the business owners were very impressed with how quickly the BTT Cloud team responded to our request for IT maintenance services, which, by the way, we submitted by general BTT Cloud email. Within a few days we received a very detailed schedule of the implementation of IT infrastructure, not only with the realization of our requirements, but also comprehensive recommendations on what could be improved, and most importantly, after starting the cooperation, we saw that BTT Cloud keeps its word, the implementation of the infrastructure was done much faster than we imagined, ”says Rokas Muraška about the start of the partnership.

Now, the entire Paystra IT infrastructure is maintained by BTT Cloud, and the company no longer faces situations where something is down, and the reasons are unclear. “Everything is clear and simple, and most importantly – everything works properly,” says R. Muraška.

Rokas is glad: even today, when most companies work remotely, we don’t encounter problems when we can’t do our business because, “something doesn’t work within IT again,” we just avoided it by handing over a really important area to a partner we fully trust and who knows what he is doing.