January 01, 2024

Skaylink and Benediktas Vanagas Gear Up for Their Fourth Dakar Rally

Cloud, DevOps, and IT services provider Skaylink, along with Benediktas Vanagas and his Toyota Gazoo Racing Baltics team, have extended their collaboration agreement and are entering their fourth racing season, with Dakar being the most notable stage, of course.

“Dakar is phenomenally popular in Lithuania. Through challenges and technological, managerial, and innovative solutions, it’s much easier for businesses to discuss truly complex, intricate CloudOps services. Therefore, this partnership with Benediktas benefits everyone,” says Donatas Zaveckas, CEO of Skaylink Lithuania.

He explains that their website, skaylink.lt, has been redesigned. The whole presentation of Cloud services now draws inspiration from the Dakar Rally, capturing the essence of the races.

“Managed Cloud service clients are either just beginning their journey on modern virtual servers and need to migrate their systems or infrastructure to the Cloud, or they are already in the Cloud and then need navigation: helping to optimize resources, manage system architecture, so it runs faster, and so on. We all manage racing cars, but their power, purpose, and calibers differ,” says D. Zaveckas.

The business segment recognizes Skaylink Lithuania as the leader for Lenovo business technology in the Baltic States. Over three years, equipment sales have grown significantly: from 1.5 million to 4.5 million EUR.

While the market saw a decline in significant sales, Skaylink maintained its pace in equipment sales, including Lenovo as a manufacturer.

The success of Skaylink hinges on several factors: high-quality technical work, offering solutions tailored to client needs, reliable service, stocked equipment, and their partnership with Benediktas Vanagas, which has significantly boosted Skaylink’s reputation as a dependable technology partner.

According to Donatas Zaveckas, the main goal this year is to continue communicating to businesses the possibilities and value of managed IT, Cloud, and DevOps services, when small and medium-sized companies, choosing a good technology partner, can focus on their direct goals, having a quality-managed and secure technology infrastructure.